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Demand-supply gap in fish production narrowed down claims Govindas

IMPHAL, November 12: The annual `Fish Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition, 2015`™ of the Fishery department organised in connection with the Ningol Chakouba festival was inaugurated today at the Inter-state Bus-terminus, Khuman Lampak, Imphal.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by commerce and Industries Minister, Govindas Konthoujam, Agriculture and Fishery Minister, Md Abdul Nasir and Nobert Dishinang, Commissioner Fisheries as the chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively.

Delivering his chief guest speech, Govindas Konthoujam noted that organising such an event has helped considerably in the production of fish in the State.

Pointing out the gap between the supply and demand, he said that with the strong initiative of the department, Manipur is able to produce 30,500 MT against the annual requirement of 40,000 MT thus reducing the gap by only 9,500 MT.

Nevertheless, he observed that meeting the requirement is not only the need of the hour.

Anticipating an incursion of Myanmar`™s fish market into the State after the opening of Trans Asian Highway, he suggested that the fishermen should put more effort to make Manipur self-sufficient in order to survive the competition.

It has been informed that setting aside the commonly available fish supplied from other States of the country, the supply of priced fish like Penba, Ngaton comes from Myanmar.

In his speech, Agriculture and Fishery minister, MD Abdul Nasir, said that under RKVI scheme the department has managed to sustain the population of indigenous fish to some extent and further hoped to gradually increase the production.

He further assured that the gap between the supply and demand will soon be erased once the Pan-culture project, which is under the top priority of the department materialises.

According to an official from the fishery department, altogether 96 stalls are opened during the fair.

Varieties of fish including indigenous fish like Penba, Ngaton and Khabak etc are being put up for sale with the price list prepared by the department concerned.

According to the price list prepared by the department, Catla are availed at Rs 230/kg (below 3 kg) to Rs 300/kg (3kg and above), Rohu at Rs 200 (below 1kg) to Rs 250/kg (1 kg and above), Mrigal at Rs 200/kg (below 1kg) to Rs 250/kg (1 kg and above), Common carp at Rs 177/kg (below 1 kg) to Rs 230/kg (1 kg and above), Grass carp at Rs 200/kg (below 3 kg) to Rs 230/kg (3kg and above) and Silver carp at Rs 150/kg (below 3 kg) to Rs 180/kg (3kg and above).

Meanwhile, the indigenous fish like Pengba, Ngaton and Khabak are sold at Rs 650 per kg.

With the objective to encourage fish farmers to produce more fish to meet the high demand of the State, the department is also organising the Fish Crop Competition.

Cash prize of Rs one lakh was awarded to the farmers who produced the highest quantity of fish while Rs 70,000 for the second place and Rs 50,000 for the third place.

In other categories, cash prize of Rs 20,000 was awarded to the farmer who has produced the highest quantity of indigenous variety, Rs 15,000 each for the DFO/CEO of Hill or Valley district producing highest quantity of fish and also 25 consolation prizes with cash prize of Rs 20,000.



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