Online Postal Life Insurance launched


IMPHAL, November 3: The Manipur Postal Division today launched its online Postal Life Insurance today.

Speaking to media at a press conference held at Manipur Postal Headquarter, director (Post), Vinod Kumar said it’s a mile stone in path of technology induction with objective of fastest and reliable insurance service to all the people and it will give a great boost for social security among the people.

The director further congratulated all Manipuri people as well as members of the Manipur Postal Family.

Now people in Manipur can do their PLI related works like deposit of premium of their policies in online environment, he said.

He said in the new online environment, periodical premium for insurance can be deposited in any Post Offices in Manipur, further not only in Manipur, it can be credited anywhere in India at any CSI Mc Camish equipped Post Office.

Imphal HPO is the first Post Office in Manipur to be given this status, he said.

Director intimated that at present there are more than 600 POs in India are working online, very soon, other POs will also join this new status.

Very soon, Churachandpur MDG, DM College SO, Lilong SO and Lamlong SO will follow suit and before the end of the month, maximum number of Post Offices in Manipur will be under McCamish, he said.

He added that at present there are 4629 PLI and 7886 RPLI number of policies in Manipur.

He added that before coming to this moment all information like insurer’s details, signatures and related documents were digitised and uploaded on Central Server.

He said that a Central Processing Centre (CPC) has been established in Imphal HPO which will scrutinise process and upload the digitized records in a prompt manner and people in Manipur will enjoy “Online Insurance Service”.

He declared that the objective is to provide all Manipur people the best insurance services with fastest speed. Director once again congratulated all Manipuri people and requested them to opt for maximum no of PLI and RPLI to ensure future investment.



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