Manipuri Dance performance enthrals crowd at Mandalay National Theatre in Myanmar

National thetre mandalay, Myanmar Manipuri
Artistes from Manipur performing at the Indian Cultural programme at the National Theatre of Mandalay. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, December 26: A Manipuri Dance troupe enthralled a crowd attending an Indian Cultural programme at the National Theatre of Mandalay, Myanmar on December 24, 2015.

The event was organised under the aegis of the Indian Consulate office, Mandalay, Myanmar and was attended by a strong Manipuri contingent comprising of 56 members.

The State team headed by Indo-Myanmar Fraternal Alliance president RK Shivchandra had left Imphal from the ISKCON complex on December 14.

The December 24 programme was attended by Mandalay minister of Social Welfare Dr Win Hlaing, Mandalay minister of Transport U Kyaw San and Consulate of India to Myanmar Dr Nandakumar.

The evening was also attended by several diplomatic luminaries including the Chinese Consulate General to Myanmar.

People of Manipuri origin who are scattered around Mandalay thronged the National Theatre, according to Shivchandra who had coordinated the show from the Indian side.

Artise of the Lianda Folk and Classical Academy and a dance exponent Manju Elangbam presented the Manipuri dance, he said.

The crowd which comprised mainly of young people filled the hall with thunderous applause to each movement of the dancers who performed the Dasa Avatar featuring 10 incarnations of gods including Lord Buddha, he said.

The evening, he said was meant more than a dance show as Mandalay and the rest of Myanmar is looking up to act as a major key player in the Asian economic map rather than remaining in the back waters during the last 50 years under the Military junta regime.

He continued Myanmar is wholly dependent on China as far as its economic prospect is concern; however, the scenario has changed with India becoming more diplomatic and pragmatic to envisage its Act East policy in a more systematic and practical input as conceptualised by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

Though much is left to be desired in the much hype-up Look East Policy or Act East Policy, a road map has already been drawn on what to do next said Shivachandra.

He further said that Myanmar and India shares a cultural heritage and embrace the same religious root.

The Manipuri dance performance speaks volumes of close relationships between the two nations, he said.

He continued the attire of the dancers performing Thougal Jagoi which bears a deep similarity with those of other South East Asian countries and the mongoloid feature of the Manipuris also attracted the crowd much.

Apart from the Cultural Evening of India, the dance troupe during their tour also staged certain performances at different Manipuri localities in Mandalay. The most eventful and heart rendering moment had been the performance at Gundicha Mandav of Bamon Khunjao of Mandalay.

Bhramchari Mayum Rupabati Devi, a Manipuri lecturer in Mandalay University yielded with tearful eyes “This is the first ever Rasa Dance displayed in this particular Mandav”, Shivkumar said.

‘Chali Saaba’ the age old traditional dance performed in every Mandav in the bygone days in Manipur was recollected and the artistes of Manipur and Manipuris of Mandalay performed the dance form (Chali) together in unison for the memory to be captured during the memorable evening, he said.

The dance troupe also participated in the 78th International Vyasa Puja Celebration of His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swamy Srila Sripada and the 6th anniversary of Srimad Bhagavat Gita Jayante Mahotsava which was held at Ambika temple. Devotees from all over the globe participated in the anniversary with deep reverence, he said.


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