Murder weapon remains untraced


IMPHAL, December 14: The weapon used by Shamurailatpam Shyamkesho Sharma, the accused who stabbed two individuals killing one over obnoxious jokes of his divorce at Yairipok Kakmayai Khunjin, remained traceless till date.

Even though police are conducting a full scale investigation with regards to the case, the weapon which is the most important exhibit of the case, is believed to be destroyed in arson attack carried out at the residence of the accused by an angry mob.

It may be recalled that on December 6 afternoon around 12.30 pm Shyamkesho stabbed Mutum Amumacha Singh and Sairem Poireiton Singh of Kakmayai Mayai Leikai for allegedly making fun of him using obnoxious remark with regards to his recent divorce.

In the attack Amumacha succumbed while Poireiton escaped with minor injury.

Later that day, an angry mob burnt down Shyamkesho house and later arrested by the police.


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