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Understanding the Importance of Motherhood

By Dr Omila Thounaojam


“Nongma mama oirakanda mama oibi amagi asengba magun khangani…” Ema repeatedly used to utter that sentence and somehow I never could understand the depth inherent in her line. The only crystal clear memory that I ever could recall whenever she used that line was the emotion she had during those moments of expression. Either she used to use it sarcastically or at the maximum when she felt disheartened at something related to us. For maximum of us, the role of a mother is only understood partially. Only in words, we use quotations, phraseologies and what not to sing glories of motherhood and its importance in our world. It’s like we worship Goddesses at our homes and torture women folks under the same homely bounds unhesitatingly. Whatever it is we are halfway through this journey of understanding our mother who is there right in front. We take many things for granted in life and in the list of the neglected elements, the figure of our mother is on the top. Many may say that it’s not the fact but it is. The fundamental role and importance of a mother in the structure of a family is always considered secondary. All the things this individual commits to in her life are counted as a normal routine responsibility. It is never hailed as something high and worth a mention. The reality is bitter as it sounds here but no one can deny the truth that our society still needs to study and understand the importance of the crucial space a mother plays in building a healthy and better society.

Why is it that until and unless the state of emergency is declared, we don’t learn lessons quick enough? How is it that we remain clueless of all the most crucial things in our life until it’s too late? We belong to an advanced society with a developed lifestyle and culture and yet we remain backward in the area of translating the closest of spaces in our life. Our relationship to our society will never reach that point of coordination until we appreciate the value of the basic human relationships in our lives. The moment we cease to digest this, it is sure that an apocalyptic future is awaiting us. When the house we dwell on has numerous holes unattended, how can we even imagine of a better survival in a secured and well-protected domain. Till today many of us has failed deeply in incorporating the best elements in life. Maximum of us travel around the world to find peace, love, comfort and what not while the best resides so close. The simple exercise of appreciating what we have got is all that we need to do to stay close with the simplest formula of living a happy life.

Now coming back to the title of my write today, let me point out that we have lost our way. In our search for all the worldly things, we have minus ourselves from the most beautiful of individuals associated to us. One common example being that of the figure of a mother – yes, the one who has always been there for us since the day we are born. It’s not only about the fact that she brought us to this gorgeous world and made us a part of its reality. What is more significant is the aspect where she has stood by us in all the seasons under the sun. Her rightful place in our lives can never be defined by words. Even then an easy way out assumption of not even dwelling with the thought related to her is a hideous act in its own right. Most of us instead of dedicating a respectful space and place to such an individual, take a comfortable alternative turn away from her presence. Such a fall out resulting from our behavioral failure has led us today in a way where isolated existence has become the core value system. What do we unfailingly do and commit ourselves into so that we revive our bond with this individual is a matter that must be prioritized.

Of all the matters of serious concerns before us, we must also accommodate this facet of treating our elders well. A very sacred relationship that deserves a high place in our lives must not be degraded at all cost. Against all odds, we must stand tall in order to safeguard the integrity of such a human relationship. Just understanding it’s worth and importance only when things fail to stand together won’t do any good to us. Today is never too late to be a new beginning. Lamenting upon a lost time won’t benefit us in any way. Instead let us recall those moments sweet and divine involving an individual so caring and selfless. Crying long hours re-understanding a situation when we ourselves become parents is a futile action since certain things done can’t be undone ever. We all know that the cycle of life must be a rounded journey. So why make mistakes at all by disrespecting this fundamental truth. Today we give no importance to our mother figures, tomorrow our children will treat us the same as we did since we taught them so as the natural law. Let’s behave well from now on practically.



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