Ima Keithel can be repaired : IIT experts


IMPHAL, January 7: An expert team of Indian Institute of Technology, IIT has today inspected the damaged sites of two Ima Keithels incurred from the earthquake that took place in the early morning of January 4. The team consist of Dr Yogendra Singh, department of Earthquake Engineering, Dr Manish Shrikhande and Dr BK Maheshwari of the same institution.

After thorough inspection of the Ima Keithel, Dr Yogendra told media person that the building has developed serious damage and advised against occupying it. He said the buildings need retrofitting before it can be occupied. He further ruled out complete demolition of the structures as repairing can be done, before pointing out that extended structural intervention will be required.

“At the same time, we need to go into detail analysis of the damage done by the quack. Then only we can decide on what exactly should be done. Nobody can predict earthquake or the intensity of it but we have to make sure that the building withstand the jolts as far as possible”, he said.

Dr Kh Ratankumar, Minister of Works, who was also present during the media briefing, said that the recent earthquake affected buildings including three Ima Keithel and Secretariat Building and other place like ISBT etc will be inspected by the expert team within two days.

He said the demand for temporary market shed by women vendors will be discussed with the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, PWD EE Subhash who was also present in the briefing told media that CBR Murthey including four persons and one senior official of NBCC will soon reach Imphal to assess the damage of Ima Keithel. Their visit is being arranged by National Disaster Management Authority, he added.


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