Today’s youth will shape our future: MLA Nemcha Kipgen


KANGPOKPI, January 14: “The foundation of the society being basically based on education, I place great hope on educated youth to shape our future” asserted Nemcha Kipgen, MLA 50-Kangpokpi AC.

The MLA was speaking at the Youth Day Celebration organized by Keithelmanbi Youth Assocaition today at Sahlang Lentol (upper playground), Kelthelmanbi(Champhai)in Sadar Hills.

The local MLA who attended the occasion as Chief Guest said that when youth are educated they will gain the opportunity to get decent jobs, political weight, negotiating muscle, and real influence to create a better future.

She continued that since the world is seeing fast moving technology changes every day which gives things meaningless to uneducated and illiterate youth young people should motivate themselves on better education to understand, to acquire skills and to bring economic and social prosperity.

“Youth must identify education as priority area in their life”, MLA Nemcha Kipgen asserted while adding that a literate nation is a marching nation and education is central to development and to the improvement of the lives of young people globally.

While she inspired the youths to get into education the MLA said that education offers a setting in which culture and values of a society are developed and it provides a forum where the society examines its issues and identifies solutions.

Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman, ADC Sadar Hills, who attended the function as the Guest of Honour said that man is a social animal having reasoning will and thinking power and encourage the youth of Keithelmanbi to acclimatize to work culture and have determination to create economic and social changes in the society.

“Man degrade himself and the greatest foe for himself”, asserted the ADC Sadar Hills Chairman while advocating the importance of self-discipline during the adolescent period so as to avoid degrading themselves and becoming the greatest enemy for themselves.

Lamkholen Kipgen, Executive Member, ADC Sadar Hills attended the occasion as President on behalf of Chongpu Kipgen, MCS, Chief Executive Officer, SHADC Kangpokpi, who could not attended due to function on emergency official appointment.

H. Khangba and Lamminthang Kipgen, member, ADC Sadar Hills also attended the function apart from various CSOs leaders, church leaders and village chiefs.

The traditional ring dance known as “Lamkol” created by more than thousands people inside the playground in two ring marked the occasion and it is said to be the largest ring dance in the world breaking the previous self record of the dance formed by more than 700 people.

The newly elected office bearers of Keithelmanbi Youth Association were also dedicated during the function and a blessing prayer has been invoked for their fruitful endeavors during their tenure by the local Pastor after a condolence service was conducted for the departed leaders of KYA during the past years.


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