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CS inaugurates “Sangai Shirui Shoppe” first Post Shoppe of State

IMPHAL, February 22: Chief Secretary O Nabakishore inaugurated “Sangai Shirui Shoppe”, which is the first Post Shoppe of the State at Imphal Head Post Office in the presence of Vinod Kumar Director (Posts), Manipur.

A press release of Department of Posts, Manipur Division asserted that “Sangai Shirui Shoppe” will provide stationery, handicraft products, books and philately items to the people visiting post office.

On the occasion, Vinod Kumar said that many a times, people who are coming to post office have to run here and there for getting proper cloth and other material for managing their parcels.

He said the Post Shoppe will cater their needs of all packing material and stationery items.

Vinod Kumar said that the members of public staff members as well as postal employees remain very busy during their working days and they don’t get enough time to buy essential daily use items.

He maintained that the Post Shoppe will showcase selected handicraft items like yoga Mats, Kouna grass items and books related to Manipur to foreign tourists who come to post office and want to send State special items back to their countries.

Even people can buy various types of all time much-loved Ngari and pickles from the shoppe, he added.

“Sangai Shirui Shoppe” is a new concept for Manipur post offices. It will provide useful services to the public. In the era of technology, generally office staff don’t get chance to purchase things for themselves and they can do shopping here, the release said as quoted by the Chief Secretary.

He appreciated the efforts being made by Vinod Kumar, saying that within a short span of time the Director has made many positive changes in postal system and the postal Shoppe is another milestone in the history of Manipur.

Th Gandhi, Marketing Executive, Post Office said that in order to make the people aware about the environment, saplings of trees will be sold at a very reasonable price in the “Sangai Shirui Shoppe” which will help curbing pollution.

Atom Karambir, postal official added that young students from different schools will be invited to the shoppie as new generation has to learn about protection of environment.



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