UNLF MAC message on MPA’s 29th foundation day


IMPHAL, February 8: Proscribed outfit United National Liberation Front: Manipur Military Affairs Committee has said in a press statement that its armed wing Manipur People’s Army will complete 29 years on February 9, 2016.

It said on the coming of this day, the Military Affairs Committee which is responsible for leading the armed wing wishes the people of the land.

It further said that the MPA express gratitude to the people of the land for providing support and encouragement to the MPA in its movement.

The statement said the most important aim of the revolutionary movement is to free the people from the crutches of colonial yoke.

However, with the number of powerful attacks from revolutionary Armies against the enemy coming down in the past few years, the movement is also losing some steam, it observed.

Revolutionaries from the past had made some wrong moves in the movement, which is one of the major reasons for the failure of the movement to gain momentum, it observed. It said revolutionary outfits of the region have been disunited among them and overlooking the idea of complete independence, several outfits are trying to find solutions within the Indian Constitution.

The statement signed by chairman of the MAC, UNLF Kh Pambei observed in Manipur there are several armed organisations which were formed by the IOF and who surrendered before the colonial rulers considering some personal gains. It continued these outfits act for their benefits and in the name of revolution had carried out several acts against the people.

Amidst all these, the people also failed to identify the original from the fake organisations and conceived all the organisations to be the same, which is also one major reason, it elaborated.

The statement also stressed on the role of women in the Manipuri society and said women have since early times, taken great responsibilities towards the society, financial condition of their families and others for which they should be respected and valued. It said people who commit unheard of crimes against women including girls should be teach a lesson by the public.

The statement also stressed on the differences among the communities of Manipur and said the divide and rule policy of the Indian government has created cracks among the different communities. This fracture has also hugely affected the unity of the land, it observed.

It said any issued of Manipur can be settled amicably among the different communities without outside interference. The people are also aware today that it is the outside interference that has created the cracks in the relationships of the communities, it added.

The statement further said India’s act of bringing in Manipur while trying to settle its issues with the NSCN (IM) is the worst. It said any settlement with the NSCN (IM) should be confined within Nagaland and it should not affect Manipur and if India fails to understand the pulse of the people, than the outfit will work with the people to face all consequence.

It said it is time for the people to closely monitor the changes in Manipur during its 67 years of being under India.

A total of more than seven lakh educated unemployed youth is a big concern, it said adding that this group is huge human resource of the land and people need to take the issue with utmost concern.

The statement has also expressed concerned for the farmers and said production from the fields in both valley and hills act as the economy of the land.

It further expressed the need to improve production.

It also said it is time for the revolutionary outfits to understand the people and reclaim the public support and believe.

The outfits should work with vision to do so, it said

Considering the changing economic and governance set up in WESEA and Manipur, it is also time to bring saw some changes in the revolutionary movement. It said understanding the need for a united front of the outfits, the CorCom was formed in 2011 and added that CorCom will join any revolutionary movement launched by revolutionaries in WESEA.


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