ATUM slams UKLF for creating chaos within the Aimol people


IMPHAL, March 16: The Aimol Tribe Union Manipur (ATUM) has slams the UKLF for volatile situation within the Aimol tribe. The UKLF is SoO signatory with the Government.

A statement issued by ATUM general secretary R Shialloa Aimol alleged that the UNLF has attacked four times to the Aimol innocent peoples.

R Shialloa pointed out that when the Aimol people had trying to include Aimol into the Nagalim, Aimol Satu newly village hall and the village Church was ugly destroyed in March, 2014.

ATUM further alleged that the UKLF was trying to eliminate ATUM president by shooting like a war in his house in the month of June, 2015.

The general secretary said that after the natural death of Ts Thongkhogin Haokip of Molnom village, they used the body as a war tool to destroy Aimol Satu village on February 19, during which 16 houses were dismantled and burn down by fire.

Lastly, the shooting of an innocent poor van driver at Pallel Bazar on March 3 had shown the culprit activities which also witness by the State security forces.

R Shialloa clarify that Aimol never have defence force which was published in some local dailies.

ATUM appealed the Government to compensate to those houses were destroyed and burn down.


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