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JAC demands cancellation of MPSC combined exam-2016

IMPHAL, May 22: The JAC formed against the Misconduct of Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) Examination 2016 has demanded the authorities to cancel the previous joint civil service examination which was held on May 15 and hold a fresh examination.

Prominent students’ organizations of the state like the All Manipur Students Union (AMSU), Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF), Students’ Union of Kangleipak (SUK) and Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) have assured their support to any step taken up by the JAC.

Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today, president of the JAC, Ayam Rogendro, said that the question papers of MPSC preliminary examinations were not in compliance with the prescribed guidelines of setting questions.

He pointed out that for serial no. 9, the question paper mentioned that ‘there will be penalty for wrong answers’ as well as ‘there will be no penalty for wrong answers’.

Such ambiguous information created confusions to the candidates and when enquiry was made to invigilators about the issue some of them informed that there will be no penalty while some told them there will be penalty and others admitted that they do not have any information regarding the matter.

He appealed the authorities concerned to ensure that there wrongdoing in the question paper should not be entertained, and added that the preparation of the candidates have been wasted by such confusing questions. It is unfortunate that the authorities concerned did not rigorously follow the guidelines while preparing the questions, said Rogendro.


  1. Sushil Kumar,

    Think broader, my friend.

    Justice doesn’t have to deal with many, it can be about just one wronged individual.

    In this case, the onus falls entirely on the MPSC, which is a constitutional body, to conduct the examination as per the stipulated rules.

    And that includes simple things like
    – setting up clear instructions,
    – no printing mistakes,
    – proper distribution of weightage to different subjects (polity, environment, economics, history), and other such arrangements that ensures quality and fairness.

    As to the question of UPSC exams, who cares whether you want to go sky diving or give GATE, or CAT, or GMAT or fight for ILP – that’s your prerogative.

    Also, might I add that it would be wonderful to conduct a judicial enquiry into the workings and conduct of state exams by the MPSC, and seek clarity about the prevalent belief among masses and the candidates about rampent corruption in these recruitments.

    This is about what’s right, and not about what is convenient. This is not about just today but an opportunity to change the wrong.

    Hope this helps you see a different perspective.

    A sincere candidate.

  2. Sir,
    I would like to say some words about the JAC against misconduct of MPSC, Preliminary Exam, 2016. It is very encouraging to learn that there are people (like this JAC members) who wish to fight for justice for all. But, in my opinion, the demands being made are not going to deliver justice for all. I doubt the rationale behind conducting re-examination. The issue related to wrong questions and their correction or not correction is being solved as MPSC is going to give grace mark for all. Regarding the issue of negative marking or not, I have some opinions to express about it.1) I wonder how a serious candidate can proceed with theexamination without confirmingthere is negative marking or not. The issue should have been resolved on the very day of examination. Grace time could have been asked if there happens to be loss of time.2) It is to my surprise to learn that in Standard Robarth centre,only one (or a few) room(s) was(were) not informed that there would not be negative marking when all other rooms get the information.3) The most important thing is why the JAC is formed only after Answer Key is published. It seems they are waiting for their performance to decide whether the JAC should be formed or not.4) If their demand is justice, why should the ones who have given seriously should suffer again? Why couldn’t there be a separate examination for the affected ( if they really are) candidates? This is the practicein SSC examinations also.5) UPSC Preliminary exam is also coming. I hope serious candidates wouldn’t like to keep on preparing for MPSC (Mains) when UPSC preliminaryis at the door step. This will happen if there is any delay in result and MPSC (mains) Exam.So, I request the JAC to kindly reconsider their demands.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Th Sushilkumar Singh,
    Singjamei Thongam Leikai


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