Questions to my Chairman


By Thounaojam Brinda

Everyone of us have felt the brunt of violence in varying degrees. Violations of human rights by all actors. Somebody rightly said that militancy has become the biggest industry in Manipur.

1. When did insurgents become retrograding and perverted into apolitical militancy (there can be militancy even without using arms)? It is hereby admitted I was always struck with insurgents as epitomes of dedication, commitment, symbol of just war and sacrifice. That was the time they used to be respected and eulogized by many. Then, came symptomatic reflection of being converted into some kind of reactionary industry. A reactionary industry that is built on counter-revolutionary violence driven by hatred and mistrust, which have actually divided peoples into antagonistic sections. People have by and large stopped showing respect to the one time heroes. Gradually the repulsive force seems to have widened the gape between the insurgents and the people. To all the insurgents, and proxy- armed groups of the State – Why?

2. How much progress have been made in this decades long protracted armed guerilla propaganda with reference to achievements in terms of uplifting the sufferings of the people?

3. Why the magnitude of the sufferings of the people keeps on intensifying despite tall claims about resistance as axiomatic of the Avant Garde of peoples’ freedom?

4. Why the political anchoring by mass democratic fronts have not been been able to guide the lost people of this land in the right path, so that they develop trust and confidence in the national democratic revolutionary movement?

5. What was/were the ideologies upon which the movement has/have been founded upon?

6. Are the ideologies still the same? If yes, please justify.

7. Who benefit most out of this confounded and reactionary violence?

8. The State legitimizes itself to impose various taxes and robbery from the people. How differently do the non-state actors operate in this regards?

9. Why big valley based mass movements have been largely anti climax and a failure? (everything has a climax… low or high is a different thing… fruitful or stupid is a different thing)

10. Why mass movements seem to involve huge amounts of money transactions on and under the bed of violence?

11. Why the purported mass democratic fronts have been weakened beyond recovery and self-defeating?

12. Why so much bane on almost every walk of life rather than infusing freedom in the walks of life of the people?

13. Why people are scared of both the State and Non-State?

Both operate within the same system at the cost of the people. People have forgotten how to live, for, they live in fear. We feel no sense of security from both the demonic actors of the system. Hence, the system is violent and it supports both the violent state and non-state.

The harbinger of the revolutionary movement of this region dreamt of an exploitation free society starting from the workers, the farmers.

14. What is the status of agriculture with peasant cultivators in this region?

15. Does revolution stress only on armed insurrections and violence?

16. Has the proposition of empowering the agricultural peasants and the laboring people effectively ever been considered as a precondition of constituting them into democratic revolutionary force towards revolution?

17. Why people have not been progressively guided so that they become capable to exercise progressive choice to manage themselves effectively, if so the movement has been on the right path?

18. Why the specific ethno centric patriotic approaches by repeatedly failing to see the political economic angle of the crisis? Such as, territorial integrity apparently is the slogan of the numerically majority community who jumps the fence over the mention of it. And thus, people are entrapped.

19. Is territorial integrity more important than social emancipation of the oppressed peoples?

A true revolutionary is expected to know the hidden façade behind the mask the ideas of nationalism and patriotism wear.

20. Why so much hatred and violence, patriotic or Zionist nationalism when what the people need is socio-economic rights rather than blind nationalism?

21. How many more years of extortionist taxation should be imposed upon the people using to run the party and its agenda?

22. Do we have a viable self-sustaining and development oriented economy?

23. How long can the movement sustain without tax/extortion from the people?

24. Why the stark silence when multinational companies have garbed land and begun to process oil exploration?

25. Why State repression in the hill is hailed as valiant while the same is being construed as brutal in the valley?

26. Why this hypocritic approach of the valley that wedges the hill valley divide?

27. Why does the majority community, instead of shouldering more responsibilities, have to feign representing the interest of Manipur in the image of its own interest?

28. What according to Chairman are the major reasons of this hill valley divide?

29. How this can be solved?

30. What political ideologies have the Chairman and the organisation successfully imparted upon the people towards realizing the freedom the people are supposed to be entitled to?

31. Why the trust coefficient keeps lowering between and amongst the people? The system will be the answer. But, doesn’t this system is what supports non-state as much as it supports the State?

32. What is the relationship status between your organization and the State?

33. What is the relationship status between your mass democratic fronts and the State?

34. Why thika?

35. What is the relationship between overground and underground thikadaars?

It is fully understood that both the State and Non-State have failed the people. The people have been let down.

36. What can be done to salvage whatever is salvageable?

37. Will violence alone solve everything?

38. Will armed resistance alone suffice now?

39. How will the nuclear power be resisted by guns alone?

40. Are people awakened sufficiently?

41. What form of political system is aspired to be brought by the movement?

42. How is that better system is to be achieved?

Where is the understanding and support the resistance is getting from the people. This has no question mark.


  1. The best and important Q to be answer by any armed group should be no.

    39. How will the nuclear power be resisted by guns alone?



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