Trumpeting the success story of students Create the right ambience for all


It is that time of the year. Pick up any daily newspaper and one will see numerous educational institutes going to town trumpeting the good showing of their students in the Class X and Class XII board exams. This is fine for all schools will want their moments in the limelight, and as commented earlier in this column, offer freebies to those who managed to find a spot in the top 25 position. Along with schools one will also see numerous coaching centres highlighting the achievements of their students. A clear reflection that the students who did commendably well in the Class X and Class XII examinations felt the need to go in for special coaching classes. This is above the private tuitions that students had to take ahead of the important board exams. Truly this is the age of competition and nothing is being left to chance. Along with these one must have also surely noticed educational institutes based outside the State announcing different courses on offer. Such institutions include medical courses outside the country and of course it is only the very rich who can dream of sending their children to these institutions. So today there are advertisements offering MBBS degree courses in different countries and they do not come cheap. Institutes offering other courses have also jumped into the fray highlighting what are being put on offer for the students. The choice, it seems, is unlimited but all these come with a price.
A sure indication that education is the key word to the future. Neglect it and it is akin to digging one’s own grave yard. Another important point that should not blow over the heads of the parents and guardians is the need to understand the aptitude of their children. What are their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously it may be difficult to exactly pin point this but this is what parenting is all about. And this brings one to the question of whether society has understood the crucial phase through which the young kids are passing through. A look at the reality and the current situation says something entirely different. Or else why should school kids be dragged out from their classrooms and made to take part in affairs which should strictly be left to the adults of society. The Sangai Express has already made its stand known on this many times in the past. So while the achievers or the outstanding students are receiving kudos from all over, it is time to give a thought on why the right ambience for all the students cannot be created. That such a question needs to be raised at this juncture should says something profound.


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