Observe Aug 3 as historic day : UNC


E-front-__-one-death-by-JE-at-CCpur-copyIMPHAL, Jul 28: The United Naga Council (UNC) has appealed to leaders of tribes, women, students/youth, village, Church and all concerned to observe August 3 as a ‘Historic Day’ in their respective jurisdictions by holding special prayer programme for early settlement of the Indo-Naga Framework Agreement.
After waiting for more than 18 years, the historic Indo-Naga Framework Agreement was signed between the Govt of India and the NSCN on Aug 3, 2015.
In a statement, UNC general secretary S Milan said that since the Indo-Naga ceasefire agreement came into force from August 1, 1997, the Nagas have been patiently and prayerfully waiting for a political settlement at the earliest as it is impossible for the Naga tribals to protect, defend and safeguard their life, land, history, identity, tradition, culture and time honoured institution under the present ‘oppressive’ political system of the ‘communal Govt of Manipur.’
The UNC then urged the Govt of India and the NSCN to finalise the Framework Agreement with political will which is acceptable and honourable to the Nagas based on the unique history of the Nagas and bring it to a logical conclusion at the earliest.


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