Eastern Nagaland Student bodies demand 15% reservation for Backward Tribes


Six apex tribal student bodies’ forum of the Eastern Nagaland has strongly supported the Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU)’s demand for 15% reservation for backward tribes (BTs) in the NSSE II exam and appealed to the state cabinet to consider the plea of the ENCSU “so as to safeguard the interest of the poor backward students of Nagaland.”
In a joint press release, Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) president Loungai Wangnao, Confederation of Chang Students’ Union (CCSU) vice president Kelep Chang, Khiamniungan Students Union (KSU) president Hatho Khiam, Yimchunger Akhiru Arihako (YAA) president Solumba Yim, Phom Students’ Conference (PSC) president Hongkam Ngongen and the United Sangtam Students’ Conference (USSC) president Thrikyuse Sangtam opined that the ENCSU was demanding only for its due share but nothing beyond. They said “the same should not be conceptualized on a negative footing by any civilized Naga society as well as the state government.”
Six bodies pointed out that the department while claiming to have adhered to the Medical Council of India (MCI) rules was “involved with its manipulative game every minute.” They said the department should understand that the MCI guidelines mentioned nothing on the reservation.
The signatories also accused the department of “totally and intentionally” failing to adhere to the government notification No.RCBT-5/87 (Pt-II) dated September 4, 2015. “Such manipulative and instigative attitude of the department will not be tolerated at any cost,” they maintained.
The forum warned the department to “totally abstain from making/preparing manipulative rules every minute so as to counter back upon the aggrieved people.”
It asserted that the department “in utmost chaos and confusion” was claiming to have adhered to two sets of rules (MCI rule and departmental manipulative rules).
The six students organization pointed out that the state selection board had been fully authorized and endorsed upon for the selection of the candidates.
Therefore, the forum said board should be held fully responsible “for such manipulative deprivation.”
Expressing surprise that the department had followed both the state rules and the MCI rules, the presidents of six student bodies questioned “on the viability in following two sets of rules on one exercise.”
Further, they expressed surprise at the recent declared results “where the magic number had taken place miraculously.”
“On the contrary, it also places the question upon the department on those additional and unearthed 9 seats that had suddenly popped up after the declaration of the results,” the release stated.
The forum asked as to why the department “on the pretext of 50/50 miracle” was reluctant to allocate/accommodate those nine additional seats to the deserving candidates?
They stated that under the direction of Supreme Court, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has given free hand to conduct its own exam in all the respective states of India. However, the signatories said that on the contrary, the department claimed to adhere to the MCI rules.
Asserting that career and future of students “cannot be ruined by such silly jokes”, the six student bodies have questioned the sincerity of the department on the issues.
Meanwhile, the six Eastern Nagaland students’ bodies appealed to all the backward tribes of Nagaland to join hands in voicing out for their rights “least your silence will be misunderstood in the future.”

News Source: Nagaland Post


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