Manipur Blockade: North East Students Organisation (NESO) urges for a peaceful solution


The North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) has demanded the state government to solve the prevailing issues before the situation goes out of hand and also urged all the various ethnic groups to try and solve the issues across the table without resorting to violence or any other forms of undemocratic means, said a release signed by chairman of NESO Samuel Jyrwa.

It further said NESO is very much concern with the prevailing situation in Manipur whereby there is communal tension and a sense of insecurity among the different ethnic groups.

NESO has also urged all the warring groups to restrain themselves from acting in any manner which might bring about a communal flare up as it would not benefit anyone but would only bring pain, suffering, misery without getting the real issue addressed, said the release.

The release also cautioned the people that they are to be aware, alert and wary that this might be the nefarious design of forces inimical to the interest of the indigenous peoples of North East and we should hinder all their evil designs by not falling prey for their trap lest our regret in the future might be

Source: IFP


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