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Motive behind airlifting of diesel trucks still unclear

The Diesel brought into the state last week in a C-17 Globemaster, one of the biggest cargo planes in the world was a joint exercise of the Ministry of petroleum and natural gas and Indian Air Force.

It was learnt that the Indian Oil Corporation has nothing to do with the transportation of the diesel and neither has the authority.

The cargo plane made the first touchdown in Imphal on January 22 and another two ‘shorties’ on January 23. The plane transported three trucks.

The drivers of the trucks were in the side cockpit and drove the trucks after landing in Tulihal airport.

The cargo plane transported the three trucks in two trips with each truck loaded with 32 KL and a total of 96 KL was brought in the state.

The plane can take off with a maximum of 2,65,350 kg, the weight of the plane is 1, 28,100 kg. The motive of transporting the fuel by the cargo plane is not clear.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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