Gadkari’s letter to CM in ad verbatim

Union Minster Nitin Gadkari. (PTI Photo)

Imphal, May 11 2017: Dear Shri Biren Singhji, .

I would like to bring to your notice that my Ministry has sanctioned following three works covering 89.52 Km length at a total cost of Rs 451.22 crore for development of Mao-Imphal section of NH-39 (new NH-02) :

(i) Strengthening of existing two lane i/e paved shoulder from Mao � Senapati from Km 212.325 to Km 260.00 (Job No.39/MN/2016-17/19) at a cost of Rs.230.46 Crore on 30.11.2016 .

(ii) Strengthening of existing two lane i/e paved shoulder from Senapati � Kangpokpi � Sekmai from Km 260.00 to Km 287.00 (Job No.39/MN/20I6-17/18) at a cost of Rs 139.87 Crorc on 30.11.2016 .

(iii) Strengthening of existing two lane i/e paved shoulder from Sekmai-Koirengei-Imphal from Km 304.00 to Km 318.84 (Job No.39/MN/2016- 17/20] at a cost of Rs 80.89 Crore on 03.01.2017 .

2. I would like to inform that there is a PIL No 46 of 2015 in the Honourable High Court of Manipur regarding bad condition of Mao-lmphal section of NH-2 in the State of Manipur and the Hon’ble High Court is pressing hard for improvement of this NH section.

3. State PWD has delayed in the award of these three works referred above at SI.

No.{I), [II}T & (III) have been received on 20.03.2O17, 10.03.2017 & 23.03.2017.respectively.

4. In case of tenders for two works at Sl No (I) and (II) Ministry vide letter No NH-12014/168/2016/MN/P-S dated 10.04.2017 and NH-12014/169/2O16/MN/P-8 dated 10.04.2017, respectively has long ago directed State PWD to open financial bids and the fir the third work at Sl No (III), even technical evaluation has not been finalised by State PWD.

In accordance with Ministry’s circular number RW/NH-37010/4/2010/PSC-EAP dated 16.01.2017 these three works should have been awarded by 19.04.2017, 09.04.2017 & 22.04.2017, respectively.

I regret to inform that State PWD appears not very keen to award these works despite the PEL directions.

5. I would like you to intervene in the matter immediately for award of these works without any further delay failing which Ministry has to entrust NH-2 to NHIDCL for timely  implementation.

With regards,
Nitin Gadkari,
Minister of Road Transport, Highways and Shipping,
Government of India, New Delhi.


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