256 KW generated from solar energy


Imphal, July 22 2017: In line with the international paradigm shift toward generation of clean and renewable energy in place of energy generated from conventional hydrocarbon fuels, Manipur has so far succeeded in generating 256 KW of electricity from solar roof-top power plants .

These solar roof-top power plants were installed by the Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency (MANIREDA) and the agency is currently engaged in installation of similar solar power plants at different places across the State .

Earlier, batteries were used in solar lanterns and solar power plants.

But batteries are usually costly and they require replacement after sometime .

These disadvantages have been removed in the third generation solar plants, now known as solar roof-top power plants .

These power plants are now connected with electric power and batteries are no longer used.

The life span of roof-top solar power plant is 20 to 25 years.

Out of 256 KW generated from solar roof-top power plants, 96 KW are generated from solar plants installed on the roofs of 21 private houses, 20 KW from a commercial plant (Sangai Honda) and 10 KW from Imphal College.

So far, solar roof-top power plants having total capacity of 131 KW have been commissioned .

There are some other plants which have started power generation even though they are yet to be inaugurated.

These include 25 KW at secured office complex and 100 KW at National Sports Academy Hostel, said a MANIREDA source .

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set a target of generating one lakh Mega Watt of power from solar plants across the country by 2022 .

Under the Government of India’s Green Energy Mission, a target of generating 60 MW from solar plants by 2022 has been set for the State of Manipur .

With solar plants connected to power grids, additional power generated from roof-top solar plants can be sold off .

Notably, Power Department (now converted into a corporation) has been purchasing power from outside the State for re-selling it to the people of Manipur.

It does not generate power .

Even though the State Government spends around Rs 25 crore every month in purchasing power, only around Rs 14 crore can be collected from consumers in a month .

Moreover, 40 per cent of power is lost in the process of distribution.

There is no such disadvantage of power loss during distribution when one talks about solar roof-top power plants.

Solar roof-top power plants are pollution free and environment friendly .

Meanwhile, the State Government has already formulated and implemented a policy for installation of solar roof-top power plants extensively across the State .

Notably, 70 per cent of the total cost of installing solar roof-top power plant is given as subsidy by the Government of India.

Additional power generated from these plants would be purchased by the Government and the money would be transferred to the bank accounts of individuals on whose houses the solar power plants are installed .

People can also rent out their roof-tops for installation of solar power plants and .

For installation of these plants, one should apply online to the MANIREDA’s official website .

The agency has received 555 applications so far out of which solar power plants have been fully installed for 28 applicants.

There is a strict instruction that 6.5 per cent of the total power requirement for Manipur should be generated from solar power plants.

As such, MANIREDA has been working hard to install as many solar roof-top power plants as possible within the next few years (till 2022) to achieve the target, added the source.

Source: The Sangai Express


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