Nagaland: DAN Chairman appeals and tenders policy


I am constrained to issue this press statement in the interest of the DAN coalition as the DAN Chairman or as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, or in any capacity as a concerned citizen. In the hope of reconciliation and to further strengthen the DAN alliance, the Chief Minister along with the Legislators and its party functionaries on 13th July 2017, had agreed to induct one more Minister and two Parliamentary Secretaries from among the four BJP MLAs , this I believe is a clear indication of strengthening the Alliance. The other step towards reconciliation was by way of revoking all the ten (10) suspended members including Shri Neiphiu Rio MP Lok Sabha.Therefore, at this juncture when both groups are trying to embrace reconciliation in its true spirit, I sincerely appeal to both the camps or any coalition party such as NCP, JDU, BJP and NPF not to issue any provocative statement which may affect the progress of the reconciliationprocess.

As leaders, we all must wake and rise up to the situation and find a common ground in the greater interest of the NPF party and DAN coalition partners in general. The aim of any arguments or discussions should not be biased or aimed at one sided victory alone but should be aimed at progress, improvement, corrective and constructive amicable solutions.We can hardly evade the many conflicts and challenges that are from difference of opinions and clash of interest in any political crisis but that does not mean we cannot have a meeting point. Our primary focus should be to consolidate the party, keep the alliance intact, deliver goods and justice to the public and live up to the expectations of our electorates.

We should live up to our mandate and principles as Christians as well. As the Bible teaches us, there is a time for everything under heaven, a time to quarrel, a time to make peace. As we approach the end of our tenure with hardly few months to go, this is the most propitious time for all Naga leader to unite, keep aside any grudges, bury our hatchets and commit to finding a permanent solution to the present dilemma and predicament through collective political wisdom and foresight.

The sudden political development which erupted on 7th July has most regrettably shaken the entire Nagas and took us all by surprise.But as a matter of fact and the area we have to understand is, that there is only one CM post and a tussle for the same has unwittingly dragged the rest of the legislators and the innocent public into social and political unrest. Nevertheless, to err is human and as leaders, we are also bound to make mistakes. Therefore, on behalf of the DAN legislators and as the Chairman DAN, I sincerely apologise to all the sections of the people for the on-going political disturbances.

But rest assured, we will all do the best in our capacity to bring back things to normalcy at the earliest. Let us remember that deep down in the heart of every Naga is the dream and desire for a better tomorrow. I would also like to make an appeal to the general public to maintain peace, calm and pray for the same.

DAN Coordination Committee

This Press Release was sent by NPF Bureau, who can be contacted at npfpressbureau(at)rediffmail(dot)com.


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