NPF snapping ties with the BJP : Likely political repercussions


TR Zeliang makes a come back as the Chief Minister of Nagaland. Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu shown the door.

TR Zeliang reportedly expelled from the NPF soon after taking oath as the Chief Minister of Nagaland and certainly the political situation seems to be fluid.

Adding to the drama is the decision or rather the announcement that the NPF has severed all political ties with the BJP and if this holds water then this can impact on the Assembly election when Nagaland goes to polls early next year.

Tough to say how plausible are the allegations levelled against the BJP, but the decision to snap ties can certainly have repercussions in neighbouring States, particularly in Manipur, where the NPF is a partner in the BJP led Government.

It is with the support of the NPF, the NPP, one Independent MLA and a Congressman that the BJP swept aside the challenge of the Congress to form the coalition Government here and it will be interesting to see how the decision of the NPF impacts on the coalition Government here.

Or will the NPF see a further division, if the Manipur unit of the NPF is against the decision to part ways with the BJP ?

The trappings of power can be tempting and it will be interesting to see how the development in Nagaland impacts on the Government here.

In many ways the tie up between the BJP and the NPF in Manipur may be seen beyond the understanding of sharing power but in the State Government reaching out to the hill people, particularly the Nagas of Manipur.

The effect is there for all to see and today the BJP led Government is no longer ’communal Government of Manipur’, a tag which was infamously used to refer to the previous Congress Government by Naga civil society organisations, notably the United Naga Council.

Still too early to say which way the wind will blow but the NPF has adopted a big and yes a tough decision.

At stake here is not only the ties between two political entities, but also the Government of Manipur and more importantly the ongoing dialogue between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India.

This is not to say that the NPF is a front of the NSCN (IM), but it is nevertheless significant to note that the NPF is seen and understood as the political front of numerous Naga civil society organisations, particularly in Manipur.

Remember how the UNC openly declared that it would back the NPF in the Assembly election in Manipur.

It therefore remains that any snapping of ties with the BJP can have an impact on the ongoing political dialogue between the two entities.

This is a point which the NPF must have studied and taken into consideration while taking the decision to part ways with the BJP, but surely the political development in Nagaland may not be seen only within Nagaland State but in the neighbouring States, particularly in Manipur which has a sizeable Naga population.

The final word is yet to be said but it is significant to note that a decision pertaining to the working relationship between two political parties has the potential to go beyond the two parties concerned.

This is what makes the divorce note of the NPF all that more significant.

Source: The Sangai Express


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