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MPP councilor teams up with CPI and Congress counterparts

IMPHAL, Jan 11: The Lone elected councilor of the Manipur Peoples Party of the Lamlai Kendra Nagar Panchayat has formed a group for Lamlai Nagar Panchayat Board with the four councilor of the ruling partner (CPI) of the Indian National Congress.
A joint statement issued by Irom Ibotombi, president MPP Lamlai Kendra Committee and Athokpam Shamungou, office secretary Lamlai Local Council CPI, informed that the lone elected councilor of MPP and four Councilor of CPI recently elected in the Nagar Panchayat had formed a group of the Lamlai Nagar Panchayat Board in a meeting held today that was attended by representatives of both the parties.
The councilors forming the groups are Ngangom Robin (Inao), MPP councilor and CPI councilors, Takhelmayum Ibeyaima Devi, Wahengbam Gobudhor, Khaidem Inaocha, Moirangthem Ranjit.

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