Attack on Srinagar to Imphal rally against AFSPA and in support of Sharmila


“Aam Hindustani”  (if I may translate it into English, “ordinary Indian”), a name used by those who tried to disrupt by throwing stones at the “Srinagar to Imphal rally” against AFSPA and in support of Sharmila in Delhi today reveals a lot about an “idea of India” that propagates and perpetuates a militarism and racist notion of a “nationhood”. In fact, the pamphlet issued by them carries familiar ideas/articulations which have also been shared and expressed by those officials and those who defend and seek the continuation of AFSPA.

ABVP workers come in and attack the peaceful protest march . Click to view the gallery : Photo Credit: Save Sharmila Campaign


Take for example, the heading “traitors” and ideas in the pamphlet’s entry no. 5 & 6 in the pamphlet is not alien to an IGP quoted in recent feature in Times of India on Manipur as a “failed state” (TOI, 16/10/2012):


“Top police officers say the shrill campaign for repeal of the Act is being orchestrated by some militant groups who stand to gain if the Army withdraws from Manipur. “The situation will spin out of control then,” warns an IGP-ranked officer who did not want to be named.”


I hope, those who have been arguing against the Act on purely (abstract) legal/juridical basis/arguments (particularly those from Manipur who seem to consistently display an un-willingness to bring, if not show smugness or worst still argue against or denounce those who seek to bring, the political premise of the Act into the fight against this visible face of a politics) realize the underlying political premise (e.g., nationalism/its worldviews/policies etc) and not shy away from confronting the same now!!!!


Once again: AFSPA is only a visible face of a politics based on a particular kind of nationalism which is not only racially informed but also driven by a political paranoia (its symptomatic suspicions and violence); it is a part of a worldview and policy towards certain kind of people and their issues (historically speaking, and it still holds true to a great extent) backed up by deceits, denials, distortions and dishonesty.


AFSPA is militaristic, racist, undemocratic and subversive of a civilized polity/life based on trust, decency and rule of law!!!!


Supporting AFSPA is not only a reflection of the above characteristics but also an indication of an utter lack of political will to strive for a democratically driven political agenda while addressing issues of collective life.

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