MPP fortifies election campaign with another pre-poll alliance with BJP


IMPHAL, DECEMBER 31: Following the ECI’s announcement of the Assembly election in the state, and the subsequent formation of an alliance between various political parties including MPP, NCP and JD (U), the MPP has today joined hands with the BJP at the latter’s Nityapat chuthek office in the presence of Prakash Javedkar, national spokesperson BJP, Chandrassekhar Rao, zonal North east organization secretary and Nimaichand Luwang MPP president and others.

The newly formed pre-poll alliance would be independent from the earlier MPP, NCP and JD (U) alliance formed on December 26 on the MPP’s 44th foundation day at BOAT.

Speaking to media person during the formation of the new pre-poll alliance between the two parties, Prakash Javedkar stated that the ensuing January 28, 2012 election would be a turning point for the Manipuri history and would be a “vote against Ibobi government and for a good government” exercise.

Meanwhile on the formation of the new pre-poll alliance between the two parties, the BJP national spokesperson welcomed the state party into the NDA fold.

Further elaborating to the media persons on the formation of the pre-poll alliance between the parties, he expressed that the two parties desired to work together and fight the Congress in the state and try to bring development, communal integrity and good governance into the state.

Further changing the topic, the BJP leader stated that if the BJP and its alliance is brought to power, the new government formed will certainly meet the demands for the implementation of the 6th Pay commission by various state employees’ and pensioners’ bodies.

Bringing in the issue of the recent violent incidents against the BJP’s political campaign in Thoubal, he further informed that the party had filed an FIR against the perpetrators, however due to the failure of the state police to heed to their appeals, the perpetrators are still walking freely.

He added that the BJP will lead a team of various political parties of the state and submit a memorandum to the Chief Election Commissioner of India on January 4 at New Delhi.

The team will further urge the Chief Election Commissioner to bring a free and fair election in the state.

Meanwhile, he further urged the non-Congress parties in the state to join hands against the Congress and imposed a massive defeat upon the Congress in the coming state Assembly election.

Dr Nimaichand Luwang, addressed the media persons that the coming election will be historic to the state and bring a great change to the state.

He further informed that all non-Congress parties in the state will try to form alliances with the main aim to defeat Congress.

The MPP leader while acknowledging that his party alone cannot defeat the Congress and as such, the non-Congress parties should join hands together.

He further stated that MPP will support BJP candidate from Thpoubal Indira Oinam.

He further informed that the newly formed alliance will bring out a common agenda on January 4.

According to the new alliance, the two parties will send out a single consensus candidate according to the popularity of respective party in the concerned constituency.


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