Rampant corruption in MCS exam alleged


Manipur IMPHAL, Aug 5: Candidates of the combined civil services examinations 2010 have alleged that the results have been manipulated.

Rampant corruption in MCS exam alleged
Rampant corruption in MCS exam alleged: Image Credit: Screengrab Manipur Public Service Commission Official Site

Addressing a press conference at DM College campus today, Y Jotin , a candidate lambasted the proceedings of the MPSC in selection of the candidates and charged that the ratio to be followed in the selection process have been grossly ignored.

He said that there were several complaints on the conduct of the 2010 examinations.

Out of 13,000 applicants, only 725 candidates have been shortlisted after the preliminary examinations.

In the prelims the selection a ratio of 1:5 ratio and in the mains a ratio of 1:2 should have been followed.

And the number of posts was 138 in all.

For example in the OBC category, the reserved seat is 18 for which 94 candidates should have been selected at a ratio of 1:5. In the mains 36 candidates should been shortlisted following the ratio of 1:2. But only 23 had been shortlisted.

Similarly for the OBC (Meitei Pangal) ,there are 5 posts and out of the 26 candidates selected in the prelims only 6 candidates were shortlisted in the mains. According to the ratio, 10 individuals should have been selected.

In the ST category, for a total of 34 posts 174 candidates were selected in prelims but only 46 were selected inthe mains instead of 68.

Likewise the reserved post for SC is 2. In the prelims, 10 candidates were successful but in the mains only 2 has been shortlisted thereby leaving no room for competition.

Similarly for the visually impaired category, for the lone post reserved, 5 candidates were selected in the prelims. But in the mains result, one candidate was shortlisted.

Another interesting aspect is also for the category of Locomotive disability. For the lone post, 5 were selected in the prelims, but 4 individuals were selected in the mains. According to the 1:2 ratio, 2 persons should be selected and there has been excess of 2 persons.

In the matter coming to light, the MCS aspirants stated that there has been significant manipulation of the results announced by the MPSC.

Such irregularities and favoritism shown by the selecting authority is not in the interest of the aspirants. This is unbecoming of a premier body and suggests that corruption is still prevalent in the selection process. The aspirants appealed the concerned authorities including the Governor, Chief Minister and chief secretary to look in to the matter so proper justice will be meted to the deserving candidates.

It may be mentioned that the commission has been enveloped in controversy since its inception.

The prelim exam result of 2010 is also challenged in court presently.


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