UNC presses for AA outside Manipur


IMPHAL, August 31 (NNN): The 4th round of `tripartite talk` involving Government of India, the Government of Manipur and the United Naga Council (UNC) on the demand for an “Alternative Arrangement” outside the Government of Manipur, pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue was held at Hotel Ashoka, Delhi today at 11 am.

The Government of India was led by Ajay Chadha, Special Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and the government of Manipur was represented by its chief secretary D. S. Poonia, and other senior officials of the State Government. UNC was represented by the president, vice- president and the general secretary along with six other members.

In the talk, the UNC expressed its displeasure over the inordinate delay in resumption of the talk process which reflects disrespect for the democratic process of dialogue on the part of the Government of India and the Government of Manipur.

After recapitulating the salient notes of the discussions held in the first three rounds of talks, views were expressed by the UNC on the legitimacy of the demand and the political nature of the same. UNC also submitted a postulate of the demand for the “Alternative Arrangement” in which it was clearly brought out that it should be outside the Government of Manipur.

The meeting ended with the agreement that the next round would be held at an early date at a venue in the hills of Manipur.

According to the Naga body, postulates of the demand for “Alternative Arrangement” were placed in today`s talk.

One of the postulates alleged the Nagas and the tribals are being submerged and overwhelmed by the majority and the Government of Manipur. It is for the Government of India to recognise the rights of the Nagas and the tribals of Manipur and “based on such recognition, intervene as rightly demanded with an `Alternative Arrangement`”.

Another postulate said the demand for an “alternative arrangement” is for an arrangement outside the Government of Manipur.

“The demand for intervention with an Alternative Arrangement is urgent, pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue,” a UNC postulate states.

The fourth points of the UNC said their demand is limited to the Nagas in Manipur and cannot undercut or upstage the negotiation on the all encompassing Indo-Naga negotiation taking place at a higher level.

“The Alternative Arrangement outside the Government of Manipur must be an institutional authority, with legislative, administrative and financial powers which will administer the Nagas in Manipur directly under the Government of India,” the UNC demand stated, adding, “The constitution and attributes of the institutional authority may be worked out in consultation with Naga people”.

The wish of all Nagas is that the Indo-Naga issue be settled at the earliest possible time, the UNC stated.


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