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Press release – Training on Security For North East


Training on Security For North East 7-3-2013 in respect of Sh. Robin Hibu IPS, (Joint Commissioner of Police/Training).

Press Release of Training on Security For North East 7-3-2013 in respect of Sh. Robin Hibu IPS, (Joint Commissioner of Police/Training)

1.    In an endeavour to re-assure N.E. students & employees working in Delhi by Delhi Police, training on security for N.E. citizens by Delhi Police was conducted at Delhi Police Training College on 07/03/2013.  All the 37 selected representatives from 08 N.E. States & States Bhawans with their student’s leaders and NGOs from N.E. participated during the training.  Initiatives for the safety and security of N.E. folks are –

  • Separate Standing Order Procedure based on Zero tolerance policy for the safety and security of N.E. students and others residing in Delhi.

  • Appointment of Joint CP/IGP level officer as a Chief Coordinator for security of N.E. citizens in Delhi.

  • 07 Nodal Officers (i) Addl.CP/South East District, (ii) DCP/South, (iii) Addl.CP/South West, (iv) Addl.CP/West, (v) DCP/North, (vi) DCP/North West & (vii) DCP/East District, Delhi/New Delhi.

  • 37 student representatives from 08 North Eastern States.
  • Regular training on sensitization for the security of N.E. students and others.

  • Regular meetings with SHOs and DCsP of N.E. concentrated areas where N.E. students and others are living.

  • Fast tracking of rape cases on the request of Delhi Police.

  • Directions under 144 Cr.P.C. to BPOs/Call Centres to drop the female employees at their homes.

  • Dedicated phone lines for anti stocking 1096, anti-option call 1091, PCR 100.

  • Guest lectures from N.E. on police public cooperation.

  • PCR to drop the stranded women to their homes after sun set.

  • Lady police help desk at all police stations.

  • Plain clothes police at Buses and Metros.

  • Lady police at crime prone areas.

  • Training of women constables as commando for beat constables.

  • 155 emergency response vehicles ERV patrol for assistance in crime prone areas.

  • Special training to the beat staff of North and south districts where maximum N.E. citizens are residing.

  • Roping in N.E. 08 States Bhawans for recruitment, security awareness and partnership with Delhi Police.

  • Website hosted under the name of Delhi Police for North East (dpne.com) for suggestions and grievances.

  • Legal aid from DLSA/Public Prosecutors, PTC for N.E. citizens in distress.

  • Honouring the NGOs and individuals who assisted the NE citizens during the distress crisis hours.

  • To work in partnership with student leaders, N.E. media for safety of N.E. citizens with Delhi Police.

  • Training exposure of NE police officers with the Delhi Police.

  • Analysis of the crimes against N.E. citizens at Delhi, follow up thereof.

  • Mapping of the area where N.E. citizens are concentrated thereby deploying N.E. constables as Beat Constables, increasing patrolling by PCR vehicles.

  • Monthly meeting with Joint Commissioner of Police/Chief Coordinator with the representatives of the 08 N.E. states.

2.     During the training following topics were taught, discussed     and shared:-

  • Initiatives taken by Delhi Police for North East citizens.

  • Know your Delhi.

  • The structure of Delhi Police.

  • Steps to be taken during the distress/emergency hour.

  • Experience sharing with the NGOs.

3.    Four student leaders –

  • Mr. Raskan Ngachonmi Jonah, Chairman Action Committee, Naga Students Union, Delhi,
  • Mr. Jotam Toko Tagam, Joint Secy., Delhi AAPSU,
  • Mr. Huten Alexander, Genl. Secy. NSUD,
  • Mr. Abhijit Sharmah, Genl. Secy. All Assam Students Association, New Delhi

and NETV Chief Correspondent Mr. Luit Don were honoured by Delhi Police for their contribution during the exodus crisis in the month of October and for taking up the issues related to NE citizens and employees with concerned authority in the year 2012.  Mr. Raskan Ngachonmi Jonah, Chairman Action Committee, Naga Students Union, Delhi, (ii) Mr. Jotam Toko Tagam, Joint Secy., Delhi AAPSU, (iii) Mr. Huten Alexander, Genl. Secy. NSUD, (iv) Mr. Abhijit Sharmah, Genl. Secy. All Assam Students Association, New Delhi were given a Commendation Certificate and Delhi Police Memento by Shri Robin Hibu, Joint Commissioner of Police (Training) and Chief Coordinator for North East Student & Employees residing in Delhi.  Mr. Alena Golmai, Mr. Luit Don and Mr. Manish Shukla were speakers who shared their ideas for the improvement of security for N.E. citizens living in Delhi.


4.    Representatives of 08 NE States are as follows.  Any distressed citizens, students, employees or tourists from any other N.E. States may contact their respective states representatives in case of any problem in Delhi.



  1. Mr. Lawrence Monsang, Mobile No. 8447836552

  2. Mr. R.K. Sanayaima Singh, Mobile No. 7503689305

  3. Mr. J.Maivi, Mobile No. 9873094566

  4. Mr. L. Boveio Poukai, Mobile No. 9953724829



i)   Mr. Lokesh Chakma, Mobile No. 9911278350

    E-Mail ID loke6944@gmail.com

ii)  Mr. Binny Chakma, Mobile No. 9818757782

    E-Mail ID binnychakma@gmail.com

Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Mr. Bochi Taipodia, Mobile No. 9891656098

  2. Mr. Taba Doni, Mobile No. 8800839957 & 9250017333.

    E-Mail ID tabadoni9@gmail.com

  1. Mr. Jotam Toko Tagam, Mobile No. 9716432014,

    E-Mail ID gamindtoko@gmail.com

  1. Mr. Bullu Kano, Mobile No. 7838283209.

    E-Mail ID kano444@gmail.com

  1. Mr. Adam Tatak, Mobile No. 9015332729

    E-Mail ID Adamtatak@gmail.com




i)     Mr.Chiranjeeb Daulaguphu, Mobile No. 09999570132.

    E-Mail ID daulaguphu.cj@gmail.com

ii)    Mr. Anugrah Basumata, Mobile No. 9999940136.

    E-Mail ID amebasumata@gmail.com

iii) Mr. Saranjay Brahma, Mobile No. 9560640079.

    E-Mail ID saranjaybrahma@gmail.com

iv)    Mr. Mitiul Vikas Medhi, Mobile No. 9015886464.

    E-Mail ID mvmedhi@live.co.uk

v)  Mr. Abhijit Sharmah, Mobile No. 8802915376.

    E-Mail ID aasand2009@gmail.com

vi) Mr. Raskan Ngachonmi Jonah, Mobile No. 09711270445.

vii) Mr. Huten Alexander, Mobile No. 9811767465.

     E-Mail ID hutenakx@yahoo.com


i)   Mr. Chakrak G Momin, Mobile No. 08447566376.

    E-Mail ID chakrak.gabil@gmail.com

ii)  Mr. Fleming Ch Mark, Mobile No. 09718548130.

    E-Mail ID flemingmarak@yahoo.com

iii) Mr. Ravizear K. Marak, Mobile No. 07503309878.

    E-Mail ID ravizear@gmail.com

iv) Mr. Navang Ch Sangma, Mobile No. 09654113567.

    E-Mail ID nangsangma@yahoo.com


i)   Mr. Yaunld Kemp, Mobile No. 09716843331.

    E-Mail ID alokemp022@gmail.com

ii)  Mr. Lhusisato Iralu, Mobile No. 09560313020.

    E-Mail ID 1husisatoiralu@gmail.com



i)   Mr.Rigjeong Jamyang Wangyal, (Sikkim) Mobile No. 09711376154.

    E-Mail ID xamyang@gmail.com

ii)  Mr. Sernya Bhutia, (Sikkim) Mobile No. 09717319067.

    E-Mail ID Sernya.bhutia@gmail.com

iii) Ms. Karma Tsingzum Kaleon, Mobile No. 07838503521

    E-Mail ID Kaleon07@yahoo.com


i)    Mr. Swapan Debbarma, Mobile No. 09891451284.

    E-Mail ID swapan.kaitorurai@gmail.com

ii) Ms. Tiffini Kalai, Mobile No. 09899187632.

    E-Mail ID tiffanikala58@gmail.com

iii) Mr. Aichuk Tripura, Mobile No. 09871599092.

    E-Mail ID aichuk22@gmail.com

iv) Ms. Mina Halam, Mobile No. 09015848553.

    E-Mail ID halamjazz@gmail.com

v)Mr. Ezekiel Debbarma, Mobile No. 09582919985

    E-Mail ID ezekieldebbarma@yahoo.in


5.    Following Public Prosecutors from Delhi Police Training College have volunteered to give legal advice during crisis for N.E. citizens in Delhi: –


  1. Shri Jitender Arya, Chief Prosecutor, Mobile No. 09416201731

  2. Shri G.V. Rao, Sr. P.P. Mobile No. 9968492438

  3. Shri K.K. Tiwari, Sr. P.P. Mobile No. 9868490930

  4. Shri B.S. Dagar, Sr. P.P. Mobile No. 9968160084

  5. Shri George M.X. Sr. P.P. Mobile No. 9868464665

  6. Shri Shyam Mohan Jaiswal, APP Mobile No. 9990596978

  7. Shri Gyanendra Kumar Mishra, APP. Mobile No. 9868255176

(Robin Hibu) IPS

Joint CP (Training)/Chief Coordinator of

North East Students, Employees & Others residing in Delhi.,

Mobile no – 9810083486

E-mail id – robinhibu@gmail.com

Press Release in PDF Version:

[pdf http://kanglaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/PRESS-RELEASE-7.3.13.doc_.pdf 600 800]

Bio Data of Sh. Robin Hibu:

[pdf http://kanglaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Bio-data-of-Sh.-Robin-Hibu-IPS.doc_.pdf 600 800]

* The press release is sent by Computer Lab.



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