Meira paibi storms Wangjing KV sub-station


IMPHAL, February 26: Fed up over the irregular power supply, enraged meira paibi of Wangjing Tekcham area stormed the 33 KV sub-station situated at the area.  

The women protestors told media persons, they were compelled to gate-crash at the sub-station with motive to enquire what have gone wrong with the substation.

She said that contrary to what they expect the power supply these days worsen despite the fact that the students are going through two important exams of their academic career.

“We never bother to intervene earlier on normal days although the power supply condition was bad but how can we sit quietly at this phase when our children are the juncture of cross road of their career”, said a lady protestor.

Later the Division Executive Engineer and Section Officer arrived at the scene and pacify the mob.

Interacting with the officers the mob appealed the EE and SO concerned to provide proper supply power besides renovating damage component like electic post etc.

Meanwhile, an employee posted at the power substation revealed that the irregularities being faced by the public in terms of supply of power during the last few weeks was due to a failure of a power indicator. However, he assured that the supply will soon resume smoothly as the indicator has been restored.


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