The role of the youth in the society building occupies the central place says CEO, ADC Sadar Hills


KANGPOKPI, February 28: `Youth are the building blocks of a society whose role in the society building occupies the central place. It is a fact that the stronger the youth, the more developed the society is`.

This was stated by the Chongpu Kipgen, Chief Executive Officer, Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council, Kangpokpi today in his brief speech at District Youth Convention and Yuva Kriti organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Kangpokpi at Council Hall, ADC Sadar Hills, Kangpokpi.

The MCS Officer who attended the function as chief guest said that societies which utilize their youth in a right direction are more developed but societies which fail to realize the importance of the youth lack behind in every department of life.

Youths should keep in mind that the energy and brightness of their minds act as torch-bearer for the society asserted the Chief Executive Officer before adding that if they (youth) are not in the right direction and is unconcerned about the future of the society, they will become a burden for the society and will not play any productive role.

The MCS Officer further said that youth should spread awareness and education among the masses about their rights and responsibilities and help other youths in building confidence and pursuing the field of interest while getting proper and complete education and participant in welfare activities.

He continued that the youths should also promote a fair image of the society to the world and serve the society with their skills and talent in various fields while adding that they should also nip in the bud all the evils that are polluting the society and reinvigorate the culture, trend and traditions of the society while helping the government in the implementation of policies.

The Chief Executive Officer also held equal responsibility to the Government and parents in empowering the youth of the society stating that it is the duty of the government to provide the youth with ample opportunities to play their role in an effective manner and at the same time parents must induce nationalistic feelings in their young ones since youth with nationalism would lead the nation to the front.

Seikholet Singsit retired DI/DDO who attended the function as President said it is extremely unfortunate that today we find many youth who can change the future of the society with their well being and courageous behavior are more interested in other places and thoughtless activities which are not useful to them as well as society.

They choose to spend their days doing drugs and indulging in illegal activities instead of bettering themselves or going to work because they were not empowered morally, academically as well as financially the retired Deputy Inspector added.

S. Gourakishwor Singh, District Youth Co-ordinator, NYK Kangpokpi pointed out that the youth are the most vital human resource of the nation on whom the present and future of the country depend while adding that the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports is implementing a number of schemes for youth development putting emphasis on the importance of the youth in national development, and to harness their vast potential for creative causes.

Resource persons Thangkhogin Haokip, Research Scholar, Department of Education, Assam University and Helun Misao, Director. IGSSS, Saikul also stressed the vital role and responsibility of the youth in community building.

It is time the youth, the students have to realize their power, their role, their duties and their responsibility and stand up for their rights said the resource persons who also said that it is time that instead of brain drain youth should act like magnets and attract world to the society.

Around eight Yuva Kriti stalls have been opened at the occasion where more than 120 youths participated from 50 different youth clubs out of 420 affiliated under NYK, Kangpokpi.

Sports materials were distributed to the participating youth clubs in the event attended by various CSOs leaders including Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization,etc.


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