Manipur Bhavans in Delhi, Kolkata in mess: AMWJU


IMPHAL, July 7: In the absence of any intervention from the State government, the Manipur Bhavans at Delhi and Kolkata have been reduced to mere bhavans with some officials running it according to their whims.

Levelling the allegation in a press release signed by Ratan Luwangcha, vice-president of All Manipur Working Journalists`™ Union (AMWJU), the union claimed that there is no Deputy Residence Commissioner (DRC) at the bhavans and a person who has retired from the service has been made as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) by extending his post four times.

Several other officials who have been retired from the service are kept at the bhavans by extending their service period repeatedly, it claimed.

Accredited journalists of the State, who are entitled to get VIP rooms at the bhavans have been deprived of the facility and the same is allotted to dear ones of the officials employed at the bhavans without any official letter from the GAD, Government of Manipur, it pointed out.

Contending that all the wrongdoings came to light during an official visit to new Delhi by president of AMWJU Wangkhemcha Shamjai and vice-president Ratan Luwangcha who is also the National Secretary of Indian Journalists`™ Union (IJU) to Delhi recently, the release said that the Manipur Bhavans at Chankyapuri and Sadar Patel Marg in Delhi which are run by GAD as the concerned department of the Government of Manipur is devoid of any DRC to look after them.

Prior to the official visit, a letter signed by Deputy Secretary of GAD for allotment of VIP room to the AMWJU officials was sent to the concerned officials of Manipur Bhavan, Delhi through fax. However, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) RK Mor whose service was extended for four times allotted ordinary room at Tikendrajit Bhavan, Chanakyapuri, it said.

Despite asking the OSD by the AMWJU officials to allot the VIP room as told by the GAD as National President of IJU, Executive Member of International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) and representatives of Press Council of India will be coming to meet them, the OSD refused to do so citing non-availability of the VIP room at the bhavan.

The officials made phone call to RK Mor to enquire the matter but he did not receive the call.

Taking strong exception to the behaviour of RK Mor, the AMWJU team informed the matter to the elected members from Manipur at the bhavan. A woman who claimed to be the care taker of the bhavan told the officials that there is no VIP word written on the allotment letter signed by GAD.

The woman care taker also told them that she does not know them as accredited journalists from the state. She was shown the original copy of the allotment letter but refused to regard it.

After much argument, the AMWJU officials were allotted VIP room at Manipur Bhavan, Sadar Patel Marg, the release said.


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