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Created on December 8, 2016. All will obviously remember the bad days that followed the announcement of the then Congress Government here to create seven new districts which the United Naga Council dubbed as ‘anti-Naga’ and clamped the four months long economic blockade literally crippling the life of the public, particularly the people of the valley. The dangerous ramifications of the economic blockade could be seen when counter economic blockade was imposed in pockets of the valley areas and which exploded in all its ugliness along the Imphal-Ukhrul road with many blowing them out of proportion on the social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Then came the BJP led Government and with the State Government taking the trouble to reach out to the hills, the hill based organisations too responded positively and soon the economic blockade was lifted.

This is just a recap of the overall atmosphere here during the difficult days that followed the announcement of the then State Government to create the seven new districts. Creating new districts for administrative convenience was the catchword adopted by the then Government and while this went down well with a good deal of people, including The Sangai Express, questions may well be raised on how well prepared was the then Government to make administrative convenience a reality. More importantly how well has the BJP led Government worked to make administrative convenience a reality in the aftermath of the new districts creation ?

Congress and BJP. The two political parties are poles apart. But there is something called continuance. And the BJP led Government here has come to power 15 years after the rule of the Congress party. So if there is anything to be called administration, it should be a policy continuance of the earlier regime. Or if the new dispensation is against any move initiated by the earlier Government, then it should roll back that decision. Now with regard to the district creation, the BJP will not do that because that does not jell with their overall scheme of things, that is take all the people people along and it will not do any good to rub the people of the newly created districts the wrong way. However what is stopping the Chief Minister and his Government from doing what is needed for the new districts ?

The Sangai Express has already carried a story on Pherzawl district and will continue with the other districts in the days to come. And significantly the BJP led Government assumed office on March 15 this year. Surely there must be something it can do for the newly created districts, such as Pherzawl and Kamjong. Why don’t the Chief Minister visit these two new districts like he visited Kangpokpi ? Or the hill district headquarters, like Ukhrul ?

Source: The Sangai Express


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