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Exclusive Interview with the Author of “Megastar Kasab”

Megastar Kasab's author Salil Jose explains the ironies in Indo-Pakistan relations in an exclusive interview to Wahengbam Rorrkychand. Though it is a short novel, journalist Salil Jose’s book ‘Megastar Kasab – Hits...

Interview with team ‘My Japanese Niece’

Interview with team ‘My Japanese Niece’ “Feeling really happy……….as per scheduled we have started mock shooting”- Mohen. Almost after 2 years of arduous research and paper...

A lonely mother`s long wait for Irom Sharmila`s victory

By Phaomei Ganmeilu Manipur, IMPHAL, September 12: “I had promised myself not to go see her as she is on ‘hunger strike’ for a good cause...
Ningthouja Lancha on Manipuri Film Industry

Tete-a-Tete With Ningthouja Lancha on Manipuri Film Industry

By: W Rorrkychand Singh Ningthouja Lancha on Manipuri Film Industry Sometimes, you might heard such words from Manipuri film audiences- “I don’t want to watch Manipuri films,...
Abenao: Sonia Elangbam - A screenshot from award winning movie-Fijigee Mani: Courtesy : Youtube

Interview: Manipuri Film Actress – Abenao(Sonia Elangbam) on Career, Culture and Experience

By: W Rorrkychand Singh In a candid conversation with Manipuri Film Actress Abenao (Sonia Elangbam), who is better known by her stage name; Abenao reveals about...

Tete-a-Tete With: Mohen Naorem

By: W Rorrkychand Singh It’s said that love knows no barriers and it seems that in the case of Manipuri filmmaker Mohen Naorem, the medium...
Sede Yiese (left), Bassist, Khrielezo Keretsu (2nd left), Drummer, Zhazo Sorhie (2nd right), Guitarist and Ato Nienu (right), Vocalist.

“Music has no barrier, and can unite humanity”: The Cadence

By: Oken Jeet Sandham The “Land of Festivals”---Nagaland---has music blended into their lives. Over the years, there have been visible signs that music---olden and modern---started...

A Minute With Manipuri Film ‘My Japanese Niece’ Actress Yu Asada – EXCLUSIVE

  By: W Rorrkychand Singh   It seems that Manipuri film industry is getting a thrust this time around with the news about Yu Asada’s (Japanese model)...
atooed with Taboos

Tattooed with Taboos: `Quietely and Unexpectedly Poetry Came and Woke us up`

Interview by: The Gender Studies Journal Tattooed with Taboos, An Anthology of Poetry by Three Women from North East India was published by Siroi Publications...