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Friday, February 3, 2023

The mental equation

Times are a changing- as everything ought to. Stuffs that were not even dreamt about are becoming devices and gadgets for everyday use. The pace...

Timber banned but no ban on firewood and planks movement : Is it justified...

In December 1996, the Supreme Court of India made a landmark ruling after hearing a civil writ petition (TN Godavarman vs. the Union of...

Awaiting – a light at the end of the tunnel

Man, having the ability to judge and to arrange for alternatives, have taken the shortest road to development and progress. The unique gift of...

Back to violence

Violence it seems is back in Manipur in all its different shades. The blast yesterday at Koirengei not far from the gate of the...

RIP Tamo Khelen: You will be always in our heart

It is natural - if you are born you will have to die one day. Thousands are born every day and thousands died each...

Issues of women’s rights should be a priority

The world today celebrates International Women’s day under the theme ‘PressForProgress’. The day is being celebrated across the world to show respect to the...

Terribly wrong outburst from SC Time for SIT to pull up socks

Strong words indeed and take note, these words came not from any quarter but from the Supreme Court of India. Undoubtedly the Special Investigation...

Truth and reconciliation

It is more than clear now that a timely and satisfactory resolution of the case of 1528 fake encounter killings in Manipur in counterinsurgency...

Are our women safe?

Breaking the gloomy and dark atmosphere of increasing crimes against women hovering over our society, a bright silver lining has appeared with the concerns...

Be a leader of the people, as you were chosen by them

The way the Members of the Legislative Assembly utilize the Local Area Development Fund in their respective assembly constituency is somewhat skeptical to the...

The media draws the line : You can’t fool the people all the time

The question we need to ask the government is how committed is the new government and its council of ministers ? How different will...

Rejecting boycott/bandh call Delivering a point

The stage is set. Nagaland will go to polls on February 27, as scheduled by the Election Commission of India. In other words the...

Nagaland BJP in a fix Catch-22 situation

Nobody would want to be in the shoes of the Nagaland unit of the BJP right now. And not something unexpected. With the Central...

Educating the educators

In a move that promises to alleviate the quality of education in the State, the training program of untrained elementary teachers was formally launched...