Burning of Puya commemorated as Black Day by ACOAM


IMPHAL, Oct 25: The burning of Puya (ancient Manipuri texts) in front of Kangla Uttra by the then King Pamheiba at the behest of Hindu missionary leader Shantidas Gosai on the 17th day of Manipuri month of Mera in the year 1732 was observed today as the Puwarigi Amamba Numit by All Clubs, Organizations, Associations and Meira Paibi Lup (ACOAM)-Lup, Kangleipak, at GM Hall, Imphal.

The observance function was graced by the titular King of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba as the chief guest and Indrakumar Ningomba, president of ACOAM Lup, as the president.

Speaking at the occasion, Leishemba Sanajaoba said that the state of Manipur has been disintegrating ever since the burning of Puya took place in 1732. The Manipuris have almost lost their way in this new world. The Seven Years’ Devastation, British colonialism, merger with the Indian Union and disunity between hill and valley people are some of the bad consequences of burning of Puya, he noted.

He further stated that the Puya was not just a text on the religion or culture of Manipuri society but it was a valuable text based on the universal truths. The true identity of Manipuris lies in the valuable words of Puya and hence the present generation should render utmost help and support to unearth the lost relics of the state such as Puya which would serve as the guiding light to many people, Sanajaoba enjoined.

The titular King also appealed to the people of Manipur to have unity and fraternity amongst themselves for a peaceful and progressive society.

The secretary of ACOAM Lup, Indrajit Tourangbam stated that the burning of Puya has been observed as a black day in the history of Manipur as the loss of such valuable ancient text has made the people of Manipur timid and cowardly. The people of Manipur seem to have lost their true identity after the burning of Puya, he added.

N. Birchandra said that the burning of Puya by the then King Pamheiba for the sake of preaching Hinduism in Manipur had almost destroyed the whole social setup of Manipuri society. The people should try to find out the lost text of Puya for the welfare of the Manipuri people, he appealed.

The observance was also attended by the leaders of various social organizations of the state including IPSA, NIPCO, FREINDS, KSA, Kangleichal and others.

The Western Art, Social and Cultural Progressive Association (WASCPA), New Cachar Road, also observed the Puya Meithaba Numit at the auditorium of Science Museum, Takyelpat, with MLA Sapam Kunjakeshwar as the chief guest.

The 278th year celebration in memory of ‘Puya Mei Thaba.’ was also held at the office of ‘The NE Sports & Arts’, New Delhi with Ksh Raghumani Singh, chairman, Sangai Educational Society, Th. Somorendro, publisher and joint editor, The NE Sports & Arts, and social worker Loitongbam Rajesh Singh as the chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively.


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