Five Sardar Hills bodies demand rectification of census related discrepancies


Imphal, Feb 18 (NNN): Several organizations from Sadar Hills of Senapati district along with Committee on Protection of Tribal Areas, Manipur (COPTAM) have expressed their displeasure before the directorate of census in Imphal over alleged discrepancies in the issuing of NPR form in the ongoing national census operation 2011.
Sadar Hills Chiefs Association (SAHILCA), Kuki Inpi of Sadar Hills, Kuki Students`™ Organization (KSO) of Sadar Hills, Bungpi Area Chiefs Association and COPTAM have intimated their representation on February 16 to the director of directorate of census, Imphal, expressing their objection in the issuing of limited numbers of NPR form in Sader Hills areas of Senapati district.
These Sardar Hills based organisations said that they want early completion of census operation 2011 and are ready to cooperate with the enumerators and supervisors in this regard, however they are `disappointed to learn that the NPR forms issued to the enumerators and supervisors (in the second phase) is less than those issued in the first phase and that the issue of fewer numbers of NPR form is bound to create a condition where many genuine citizens/villagers may be excluded in the ongoing head counting.`
In view of this, the social organizations of Sadar Hills, constrained by the stated facts have approached the director of directorate of census in Imphal to take up immediate actions for issuance of sufficient NPR forms commensurate to the numbers enumerated in the first phase so that unnecessary deletion or exclusion of genuine persons may be averted, it said.
The representation was jointly signed by Kaikhomang Khongsai, general secretary, SAHILCA; Chungkam Haokip, president, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills; Haokhai Lupheng, president, Bungpi Area Chiefs Association; Thangminlen Kipgen, president, KSO-Sadar Hills and Lamcha Chongloi, chairman, COPTAM of Sadar Hills Committee.
COPTAM had said on February 11 that if the apparent inconsistency in the villages located in the area is not addressed forthwith, COPTAM would be compelled to forbid the enumerators and supervisors from discharging their census duties, even banning their entry into the villages in question.
The tribal rights body is also understood to have had audience with Dr C Chandramauli, Registrar General and Census Commissioner, Government of India, who arrived in Imphal on February 12 to oversee the ongoing census operation.
COPTAM has warned that it would be forced to resort to different forms of agitation if the grievances of the tribals are selectively ignored.


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