We may have lost a battle, but a war has been won: N Biren


IMPHAL  Feb 20: ` We may have lost a battle, but we feel that a war has been won`, SPF spokesperson and IFCD minister N Biren told media persons on the sidelines of an official visit  to the Takmu Regional Water Sports complex today at Moirang.
The minister was referring to the recent defeat of the Congress party to the All India Trinamool Congress at the Konthoujam Bye election.
He further stated that the late MLA of the constituency Dr Sapam Budhichandra in his busy schedule of being the speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and in maintaining his status might have had a laxity in undertaking developmental works in his constituency and which could have resulted in the loss of public support for the party in the constituency. We acknowledge the wishes of the Konthoujam public and have got the message that the wants of the public should not be deprived whatever the circumstances, the minister said.
On being questioned about the clearance of phumdis (floating biomass) and the allegation by the Bharatiya Janata Party that the progress of phumdi clearance work does not commensurate with the Rs 224 crores earmarked by the Union planning Commission. The minister stated that the allegations are baseless and the state BJP only knows how to hurl allegations, he charged that the state BJP is almost a non entity and have done nothing worthwhile.
He further stated that the progress of clearing the bio mass of Loktak lake is going on schedule with almost 40 percent completed. `The planning commission is overlooking the work , we have got new machines and new repair parts for the damaged machines which will have in ensuring that the clearance project will be completed by 2012`, he voiced confidently.
The minister briefing media persons regarding the Takmu Water Sports Complex stated that the complex is nearly 80 percent completed. `The boys and girls hostel is nearing completion, we only have to focus on the water rowing channel now and the deadline of December 2011 for completion of the project will be met`, he maintained.
The Takmu project of Loktak lake was initiated under the Special Plan Assistance (SPA) project with a total budget of 18 crores and the work is undertaken by the Manipur Development Society.


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