RPF wishes on World Health Day


    IMPHAL April 6: The Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) in a press release by the outfit’s publicity secretary T Leishema wishes the public a healthy and prosperous future on the eve of the World Health Day which falls on April 7 annually.The release states that since 1948,the  World Health Organization (WHO) has been observing the day and the theme of the year is “Anti microbial resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow”. The true wealth of a person is living a healthy life and if a community is healthy then development comes. The present conditions of the city lies in a deplorable state as there are no motorable roadways and the pollution caused severely affects the health conditions of the individual and such circumstances also led to fatal road mishaps. The elected leaders instead of addressing the issue and taking up developmental works are only concerned with filling their pockets. Time bound works including those taken up around Imphal city has not been met as so promised by the politicians. There are no proper works to counter the global warming issues  nor are any taken up to address the health of villagers in both the far flung hill and valley districts and women maternity problems is also another long standing problem, it states.
    The Manipuris have an inherent aptitude  towards sports and many ethnic sports have been played since time immemorial to maintain the physical capacity. Sports should be encouraged for the welfare of the sportspersons and also for the community, instead rampant corruption is being entertained by those in power and many a talented athlete has been laid to waste following such practices. The responsibility should be borne by the government and correct the wrongs for the better future of the state, the outfit wishes the public a healthy and strive towards building a better society.


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