Editorial – Vulnerable Populace


Leader Writer Leivon Jimmy
The powerful blast that was triggered on May 28 at the temporary office of the Autonomous District Council (ADC) at Khuman Lampak sports complex is not only a crime against humanity but a disregard to the sanctified sports complex, a training ground for many promising sports players bringing laurel for the state.

The mindless act has inflicted injuries to three innocent members of a family including a mother and her two minor daughters of which one is still battling for her life. Besides it has prevails a fear psychosis among the enthusiastic sports players, a symbol of Manipur`™s pride and glory.

The mentality of the people involved in triggering the blast needless to say that it would be creepy enough for a common man from the nature of the blast and most prominently where it was planted. As per reports a guy before leaving a car behind inside the campus asked the father of the victim girls about a meeting taking place at the ADC office. Knowing the presence inside the campus and nearby, the car bomb was left revealing the cold-blooded nature.

Had it not been for the general strike imposed by a civil body in connection with the visit of Nagaland`™s Chief Ministers at Senapati that has resulted in low turnout of people, the loss and tragedy could have been worst. The blast was so powerful that the fragments of the bomb were sent hundreds of meters away from the epicenter and completely wrecked the car into pieces.

In the meantime, the Government can be blamed equally for the incident for its ignorant. Even as the Chief Minister of Manipur speaking during a meet at his official bungalow ruled out security lapses. The clarification is somehow reckless comparing to the situation of stiff opposition while conducting the election of the ADC.

In addition to that the Chief Minister`™s clarification was contradictory when compared with the statement of a senior police officer was quoted by newspapers that ADC office has been enduring intense intimidation from a group.

The message was loud and clear that someone is not happy with the ADC office.

In the wake of such intimidation there was no sign or words of the presence of security forces in an around the office building. It is a well known fact to everyone how often lobbing of bomb or bomb blast, and firing incident took place in the state. The perpetrators dare to attack even in the presence of security forces and Singjamei blast at the residence of an engineer is a glaring example. What then if there is no security arrangement at all? It can be accounted to as inviting troubles or encouraging the propaganda of the opposition side.

Every section of the society should condemned the act at a strongest term for it had risk several lives. And, demoralized the spirit of promising sports persons by creating a sense of insecurity in an around the area. Demoralizing the players means a huge blow to the status it enjoys as the `Powerhouse of sport for India`.

People in this region have paid enough prices for no foul of theirs. History is the grim reminder. They have been caught in a murky conflict that has been waging and renewed generation after generation.
There is nothing but loss for the people here and has always been.


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