Commercialized Education


Leader Writer: Hrishikesh Angom

In the midst of stringent movement for “quality education” launched by various students’ bodies in the state, many educational institutions are fast moving in the so called trend of “commercialized education”. One may find large colourful ads on some popular local papers about this and that school with lucrative offerings to the students. It’s quite commendable for the proprietor to make such big offers which could bring a big change in the education scenario of the state. But then looking at the commercial side of education, one may obviously sense the motive for making such advertisements by these schools. Often it happens with less popular schools which want to draw public attention by repeatedly casting some of their bright students on newspapers and television. These institutions are more or less business establishments where everything is meant for profit-making only.

From where does the need for making advertisement in education arise? Why do less popular schools spend huge money on ads? Are they simply making for the sake of students? These questions will surely haunt the commonsense of the people who see the ads of schools and coaching centres everyday. Quite simply “profit making” is the motive behind such ads. Moreover, the lucrative offers are designed only for some meritorious students who will indeed be the name and fame of the school. The school will then make money from numerous average students enrolled with the hope of getting quality education. Here, one may investigate the actuality of these schools. The essence of education seems to be lost by making such advertisements. There is no need to spend huge amount of money on making advertisements to seek more enrolment of students. The education institutions have been turned into business hubs by some commercial mined people. It is an undeniable fact that nothing in this world works without money and so is the education. But, the trend of commercializing education is a stumbling block in the path of achieving quality education. Moreover, most people of our state are economically backward and they would not be able to afford so much on education. The higher cost of education in private schools is due to huge expenditures made on advertisements. If the advertisement is made once or twice for announcing new admission by highlighting some of the facilities of the schools, then it is quite acceptable. But casting some bright students time and again on newspapers and television irritates the people. It seems the students are models promoting some kind of commodity called “education” in the market.

As far as possible education should not be considered as a “commodity” as claimed by many people. It is true that we pay money for education but that does not necessarily mean that it should be commercialized like in other business sectors. The purpose of “education” should be made clear so as to sensitize the people towards achieving quality education in the state. A good school will be good and it will be noticed by people without much publicity and advertisement. On the other hand, the schools run by profit mongers will try to catch the public attention by making all sorts of publicity and advertisement in the media offering to sell their product of purported “education”. It is high time for the people to come to senses and look thoroughly to the actuality of schools and coaching centres which make attractive advertisements on newspapers and television luring the students to get enrolled at their schools and coaching centres. It will be good for the school management groups to invest more in enhancing education than in making advertisements to get more enrolment.


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