Aam Aadmi Party for real or just the name?


Aam Aadmi Party for real or just the name?

The news of establishing a new political party in our state whose vision states “a dream of an equal and just society where every man, woman and child has the right and privilege to lead a fulfilling and nurturing life, free from all kinds of oppression” reminds me of the lengthiest constitution in the world. Its directive principles and the frame work for all the citizens’ rights starting form the first citizen to the aam aadmi as a whole. And a system that follows a written constitution that govern, protect its citizens for their welfare and development. As our nation celebrates 64th Republic Day those words written in the golden book is a distant reality for many Indian and has been “work in progress” never fully executed till date.

On the contrary our society is governed by the bureaucrats’ politicians and men’s with weopon. News of sexual harassment, graft, and scam along with anti social elements flexing their muscle is a daily phenomenon across the length & breadth of the country. It would be my wildest dream to see a new India free from corruptions and crimes against women. And, on this very topic, how many political party & politicians has promised to fight corruption and actually bring all the corrupt to justice. I wonder how the general public would react to such newly formed political parties and embrace with both hands. Beside the politician & political parties in our states is for the riches. The recently concluded state election and panchayat election is the proof that- aam aadmi wants the yellow and red notes rather than the politician or the political party itself. This trend has been in the blood of the people of our state for ages, as they knew that only the corrupt and power hungry people took center stage for changes and developmental promises. Looking at our timeline and the history of the state in the last five decade since independence it is a matter of shame that we do not have a single influential political leader to guide and lead us to development and prosperity.

If those pre election promises were fulfilled by the candidates and ruling party as such, people would have admired them as their leader who is reliable for development and good governance. The launching of Aam Aadmi Party in Manipur and the whole of North East is a wel-come change of ideas and option for the citizens of this region who really believe in the democracy and development in the society. The question to be asked is how many citizens are there in Manipur who is ready to cast their vote, free from influence and greed of money. The up coming Nagaland election could well be an eye opener for the general public to try the new, rather than favoring the old and inefficient political parties in the region.

AAP further states that every civilization reaches a plimsoll line of tolerance. And this is their line. India’s common man has had enough of oppression, inequality, injustice and unkept promises. For the last 2 years the anti corruption movement has galvanized the country from end to end into one common voice – a voice that is demanding a complete rehaul in the way political parties and their leaders function” as quoted in their web site aamaadmiparty.org. Its is only too be seen in days to come to find out if Aam Aadmi Party really care for the Aam Janata or just another political party gone with the winds.

By:- Sanjit Laishram


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