CPI, Manipur launches a month long campaign


Manipur,IMPHAL, February 1: Campaign Committee Manipur State Council, CPI today has launched a month long campaign at Rupmahal Theatre hall. The opening function was attended by MSC-CPI, Ex-Secretary, Langol Iboyaima, Secretary (Ex-Minister) Dr. M Nara, Ex-Minister Th. Tomba, Ex-Minister N Mangi as presidium members.

Delivering his key note-address on the occasion, Langol Iboyaima said that Communist Party of India would put pressure on the government in association with different organizations to protect territorial integrity of Manipur though there are different communities in Manipur. He added that during the campaign, CPI Manipur also would press the government to set up a fast track court  to punish the culprits according to law so that Livingston case and other rape cases, murder, torture etc do not come along  in the future.

Langol Iboyaima pointed out that though it is claimed that NSCN(IM) ceasefire has not been enforced in Manipur, there are various NSCN (IM) camps and their cadres going around in the open holding their weapons adding that as  ceasefire is not officially enforced in Manipur, CPI Manipur would urged the government to disband the NSCN(IM) camps.

Observing that it has come to light that Armed forces special power Act is an inhuman law and there are recommendations to repeal the act which is said to have been reviewed, he said that CPI, Manipur would urge the government to repeal AFSPA during the campaign. He asserted that the Electoral system of Democratic India is defective while adding that CPI, Manipur would press the government to reform the Electoral system of Democratic India.

Speaking at the function Ex-Minister Dr. M Nara said that though there is no CPI MLA in the assembly CPI, Manipur would play the role of an opposition party from outside the Assembly. He pointed out that safe drinking water is not available in Manipur and lamented that Electric supply is irregular.

He further said that proportionate electoral system has been introduced in 89 countries in the world and CPI, Manipur would make efforts to bring a proportionate electoral system by modifying electoral reforms. Referring to transfer of police officer and disbandment of SIU following seizure of drugs at the airport, he said that CPI, Manipur would support the agitations launched by the general public to revive SIU. He went on to say that CPI, Manipur has demanded universalized public distribution system in place of public distribution system while adding that CPI, Manipur has launched the signature campaign from today onwards demanding  distribution of 35 kg of rice at the rate of Rs. 2 per k.g. to every household which has come into effect in Tamil Nadu in lieu of distribution on the basis of above poverty line (APL) and below poverty line (BPL) and the signatures would be submitted to the Prime Minister during the 1st week of March.

N Mangi  speaking on the ocassion said that CPI, Manipur would launch agitations demanding provision of farmer pensions. Appealing for mass pariticipation in the campaign, he informed that General secretary, All India CPI, Gurudas Das Gupta would come down to Manipur on 16 February. Reminding that as per the demand of All India Trade Union, honorarium of Angandi workers and helpers has been enhanced, he urged the Anganwadi workers and and helpers to support the campaign on the day of Das Gupta’s visit.


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