Speaker sends Gaan-ngai message


IMPHAL, Jan 11: Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly, Th Lokeshwar Singh has today sent Gaan-Ngai message to the people of Manipur especially to the Kabui community.

Conveying the message in a statement, it said that Gaan-Ngai is a cultural grandeur celebrated with utmost sincerity and happiness by the Kabui community and added that the preserving the place of elders, married women, unmarried women and man etc is reflected in the festival of Gaan-Ngai.

The statement further mentioned that the Gaan-Ngai festival will help to provide social discipline across the state as it is celebrated irrespective of hill and valley as Kabui community inhabits both hill and valley.

The speaker lastly expressed his heartfelt wish to the Kabui community and also the people of Manipur on the occasion of celebrating the festival.


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