CCpur district hospital unable to provide drinking water


LAMKA, March 27: Even when elections are round the corner, patients and their relatives and attendants at the Churachandpur District Hospital continue to suffer without proper provision of safe drinking water and power.

An investigation into the incident had revealed that the infamous ISO certified CCpur District Hospital was indeed facing water supply shortage.

A woman from Thanlon A/C whose son is admitted at the hospital said the scarcity of water in the hospital has infact hit them hard.

People coming from far off places like themselves have to washed themselves and their clothes, which is very much a hard time considering the lack of proper supply of water, she lamented.

Several other patients agreed with her and echoed that since the water supposed to be provided at all wards was not coming, they had to go to the casualty department where there is a tank which is also almost running dry.

Meanwhile, water is not all that the hospital has failed to provide sufficiently.

Another patient party said that even though the solar panels are supposed to provide 24 hours, the hospital is getting only about 2 hours maximum.

The notice/information on display at the hospital wall however, says that the hospital is being provided power supply from three sources namely solar, electricity and generator.

Reliable sources revealed that the dedicated line promised by the state Health minister was ready but yet to function, as the wiring is yet to be completed, which can best be explained by the department concerned.

A hospital worker, on the condition of anonymity, said that there was a time they had to administer injection with the use of torch lights and candles which is not easy in case the patient is a child.

She further expressed that people are concerned about the roof of the children ward which was built in the early eighties collapsing.

In a silver lining for the hospital and patients, the hospital seems to be in a reliable condition on the oxygen front.  

Interestingly the ultra sound in the district is supervised by a specialist from outside of the town.

A relative of the patient in the surgical ward complained that they had to wait for the doctor, who works in private clinics, to finish his unofficial assignments after which the doctors come to the hospital.

It was also found that the said doctor had taken leave, as of now, and many patients had to rush to Imphal.


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