Woman excommunicated for assisting man in assaulting another woman


BISHNUPUR, March 27: Villagers of Leimaram village has excommunicated Thabelei from the locality for allegedly helping N Biren Singh in physically assaulting N Tomba’s wife Ibemchoubi of Leimaram Mamang Leikai with a gun on March 7 around 8.30pm.

The decision to excommunicate Thabalei was taken on Thursday after finding her conducting a religious ritual at her house, when a group of locals had gone to talk on the March 7 incident.

According to sources, some people present at the residence attacked the locals using strong languages and swords.

In the mean-time, a team of Nambol police arrived at the spot and picked up Thaballei and her team.

The villagers also alleged that the personnel of Nambol police used strong words against the villagers which hurt the sentiments of the community.

The villagers further alleged that the Nambol police OC Premchand asked the JAC members to give the particular mobile phone number of the JAC convenor and not of “an ugly women.”

It is further added that the OC also hurled several crude and indecent words against the locals.

In this connection, the villages strongly condemned the uncivilized behaviour of the Nambol police OC.


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