Fire at Lamphel sub-station damages transformer


IMPHAL, June 22: A 10 MV Electricity transformer was damaged a major fire that broke out at the 33/11 Lamphel Power Sub-station cum control room under Lamphel Police today around 2.20pm.

However, timely arrival of the State fire tenders managed to control the fire from spreading further.

The fire is suspected to have originated from an electric short circuit and caused major damage to the transformer. A staff of the station has said the fire could have been due to an oil leakage from the said transformer which is an old one.

There are two 10 MV transformers placed inside the Lamphel Power sub-station.

On receiving reports of the fire, a team of the Lamphel police rushed to the spot and prevented vehicular movement along road near the power sub-station.

The fire was controlled around 2.40pm by the fire tenders using water and foam.

The damaged to the transformer affected power supply to Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Lamphel Officer Colony, Uripok RIMS road and Sanakeithel area.



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