Free corrective surgeries for differently abled children


IMPHAL, June 6: Shija Hopsitals and Research Institute (SHRI) under a joint initiative with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), State Mission Authority, Manipur will perform free corrective surgeries for children with special needs.

Ng Bhogendro Meitei, Additional state project director (SSA), State Mission Authority informed the media in a press meet at SHRI that the scheme was initiated by SSA mainly for differently abled children who faced social stigma and for giving them opportunities to attend schools like other children.

“Normal people should treat differently abled children like any other children and should not let them feel inferior for what they are, and society should cooperate, support and change its perspective towards them.”

He also stated that SSA is providing free corrective surgeries for children under 6 to 18 years with post burn contracture, wry neck, cystic hygroma, ptosis, squint, clubbed foot, cong cataract, microtia, bow leg and low vision under the Inclusive Education for Disabled (IED) scheme.

During the press meet, Dr Palin said that 30 children are already approved under SSA for undergoing treatment and surgery, and among them five children have already been operated.

He further added that the free treatment for 2014-2015 has started since April 2014 and will continue till the month of March 2015.

He also said that Shija Hospital will give 20 percent subsidise to all the patients coming under such SSA schemes.



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