Probe in series of bomb blast ends in arrest of PLA man, says police chief


“Vigilante group in greater Imphal area soon”

IMPHAL, June 21: The State Director General of Police Shahid Ahmed speaking to media in his office this evening has stated that there will be vigilante groups within a few months in the Greater Imphal area. He said this is to prevent crimes in the Leikais with active participation from the people.

The DGP further announced that the arrest of a PLA man has solved the series of IED blast in the State capital in recent times.

Further calling it a major breakthrough of his department, he said Ningthoujam Joykumar alias Joychand Singh of Khangabok of Thoubal District has been arrested following operations based on intelligence inputs.

Addressing the media, he said preliminary investigation has revealed that Joykumar alias Joychand was working for the PLA, and was responsible for planting an IED at Governor Road on May 14.

It is also revealed that he had planted the IED at Moirangkhom Sougaijam Leirak on June 14 and the one at Singajmei on May 29, 2014 which claimed two lives and injured 14 others, said the DGP.

The DGP identified Joykumar to be a machine-man working in the Punshi Press at Paona Bazar, Imphal. Incriminating articles have also been recovered at his instance, maintained the DGP.

On a query regarding the reported involvement of VDF personnel in many crimes, harassment of two wheeler drivers in the name of frisking and even collecting ‘illegal taxes’ from the Rickshaw pullers and the auto-Rickshaws, the DGP said, “I have given strict instructions to the officers to act on such practices by the VDF.”

He continued, “After all, they are not regular forces and are very lowly paid.”

When asked whether it is high time to consider either revoking or regularising the force, the DGP said he will look into the matter, and if at all it is to be revoked, some of them will be retained and regularised considering their good service to the police so far.

On the sidelines of his briefing, the IFP resident editor, drew the DGP’s attention to promote Oinam Bembem, who is already a star of Indian women football, presently serving in Manipur Police to a more suitable post, at which the DGP welcomed the suggestion and took a serious note, and said he will do something positive.

The DGP said the recent achievement of his department is the culmination of a series of efforts made by Imphal West District police and other valley Districts police. He said there has been effective frisking, cordon and search operations in specific areas; as many as 55 UGs were arrested, along with recovery of 10 hand grenades, 5 pistols, 1 revolver and 1 detonator. Of the 55 arrested, 11 were females who worked as conduits of weapons and IEDs, he added.

The DGP appealed for corporations from the public to mitigate crimes.



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