`Creative writers must be given govt support`


IMPHAL, October 3: Two noted writers of the State, Keisham Priyokumar and Dr Rajen Toijamba were honoured with Thiyam Radhesakhi Award and Kshtrimayum Yaima & Thambal Devi Memorial Literary Award at JNMD hall here today.

The function was organised by Leimakol Khorjeikol, LEIKOL, a women literary organisation, on its foundation day.

MLA RK Anand, who was the chief guest of the function, stated that creative writing is not an easy task; it needs dedication and hard labour. Taking into account the difficulties that writers face in publishing their works, he said there is need for government`™s support.

RK Anand continued that financial support in terms of publishing the works, particularly for budding writers, could be one important area that the government should look into. Lauding the effort of the organisers in giving recognition to the writers, he added that literature contributes immensely in shaping the identity of a society in particular, and defining the contour of our civilizational journey in general.

Further, he opined that reading habit among the new generation has dwindled down, which should be a concern for all sections of the society.

Prof E Dinamani, president of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, who was the guest of honour, maintained that Meitei society has a critical deficit of the faculty to appreciating one another. Meiteis are good at finding faults he said, but added it is commendable that organisation like LEIKOL has been at the forefront in giving recognition to writers of the State, he added.

Setting forth on the role of the writers, Prof Dinamani maintained that the events which are unfolding in the society cannot escape their eyes. The writers are the chroniclers, who interpret the events in their own sublimated ways.

Mention may be made that writer; Keisham Priyokumar has been awarded for his short story `Nongkhong Tamna`™ (2013). Some of his acclaimed works are `Nong Di Tarakhidare`™, `Ahing Ama`™, `Awaoba Punsi`™ `Akhoi Yumlonnaba`™ and `Laan Amashung Mung`™ etc.

Dr Rajen Toijamba, has been awarded for his `Chahi Taret Khuntakpa`™ (2012). Besides, he has also written `Sahitya Amadi Naat ki Wareng Khara`™, `Manipuri Drama da Realism`™, Aigi Imphal Da`™ and Khomjinba Manipuri Shumang Leela`™ etc.


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