KSO-Ukhrul calls 24 hour bandh along Imp-Ukl


IMPHAL, Nov 30: The Kuki Students`™ Organisation Ukhrul has called a 24 hour bandh along the Imphal-Ukhrul road from midnight of November 30 protesting `Assam Rifles`™ brutality against Aishi villagers and the total disregard of the AR to its demands.

A statement of the student body said the KSO vehemently condemn the incident in which villagers were summoned to the AR battalion headquarters at Chassad and subjected to unimaginable torture for not reporting movement of UG cadres in the area.

The KSO considers this as complete violation of human rights and also calls all human rights agencies to take up the issue at the highest level of justice, it said.

The statement continued that AR highhandedness over poor and innocent Kuki villagers in remote areas has become a habit of sort and the AR`s conduct at Sehlon village some years back is still afresh in the minds of villagers.

It stated that some months ago, the AR taking the law into its own hands had banished two families of Old Samtal to Myanmar and just recently the AR came down hard on the villagers of Tengnoupal in the aftermath of a bomb blast.

The Aishi incident where villagers were thrashed black and blue is the latest of the many incidents of AR`s total disregard for human rights, the KSO- Ukhrul statement condemned.

The claim of AR as `the friend of the hill people` no longer has any meaning to the hill people, because it is the hill people who have continuously suffered physical and mental assaults in their hands, it claimed and added by setting up check points along roads and highways in the hills the AR have intermittently harassed the people.

It is a common sight that there are two to three checkpoints along a single road in the hills which have become places of harassment and assault, it said and added that the KSO has resolved not to compromise this Aishi incident and has resolved to fight to the end for justice.


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