Save Nambul campaign launched by IYS and MCC


IMPHAL, November 13: The Innovative Youth Society in collaboration with Manipur Cycle Club launched a two day public forum on “Nambul River Revival” at the Yaipha Laining Lup ground, Pishum Ningom Leikai here today.

Speaking to the media, Khuraijam Athouba said that in relation with the 5th edition of Chinzak Festival International, 2014, under the theme ‘Save Nambul’, IYS and MCC are taking their initiative to start a movement against the dumping of wastes in the Nambul River.

He also said that the two day press conference is mainly to disseminate and give awareness that such initiatives demand an important role to be played by the civil societies, social worker, Nambul River affected Leikai Clubs, organisations and Ima Meira Paibis and media besides the concern government departments.

Khuraijam Athouba appealed the people of the state to give all possible cooperation and to make the initiative to save Nambul River fit for the future and to save it from further pollution. The effort must be to revived the river again, he emphasised.

Ram Wangkheirakpam, president MCC said that without a strong movement to clean and save the Nambul river, the people of the state will face various health hazards in the near future.

It is time people should be serious about saving the river through mutual understanding, cooperation and most importantly the involvement of the government he added.

Oinam Rajen, secretary of All Loktak Lake Area Fisherman’s Union said that all wastes such as water bottles, polythene and various others non biodegradable substances, dumped into the river, flow down till the Loktak lake contaminated the lake as well.

These substances are a hazard for all life, not the least, those of the people living off the Loktak Lake. Fish, birds and other marine lives continually die due to such contamination he added.

Nambul river has become a dumping ground for Khwairamband Bazar, locals residing near Nambul river and that is why 50% of the contaminated waste gathered in Loktak Lake is from Nambul River he added.

The main agent polluting Loktak is Nambul River and are the people of the State. If they can maintained its cleanliness and preserve the river then 50% of the pollutant of the Loktak can be save he added.

It would be a great step in saving the ecosystem in the state if the people can of the state save Nambul River, he said.

Lastly he also said that Loktak Lake is known for its fresh water but how can the people of the state say Loktak Lake has fresh water with such hazardous pollutants.


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